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A Beginner’s Guide to Angular Material Design – Devstringx

Table of ContentsAngular Material DesignThe Benefits of Using Angular Material DesignInteraction Design With Angular Material DesignExploring the Principles of Interaction DesignBuilding User Interfaces for Single Page Applications (SPAs)Implementing Animations, Transitions, and Gestures into SPAsTips for Successful Designs Using Angular [...]

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Top 10 Do & Don’t When Building Angular Applications | DS

Table of Contents10 Common Mistakes Must Avoid When Building Angular App1) Not Following Best Practices2) Using Heavy Libraries3) Ignoring Component Lifecycle Hooks4) Not Optimizing Change Detection5) Overusing NgModel6) Poor Error Handling7) Not Using Lazy Loading8) Not Considering Accessibility9) Not [...]

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10 Reasons That Make Laravel Framework Best | Laravel Features

Table of Contents10 Top Features of Laravel Framework1) Model-View-Controller Architecture Support2) Template Engine3) Automatic Pagination4) MVC Architecture5) Artisan Command-Line Interface (CLI)6) Laravel Routing7) Unit Testing8) Prominent level of protection for applications9) Web Application Cache10) Migration System 10 Top Features of [...]

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10 Angular Libraries to Speed Up Your Development Workflow – Devstringx

Table of ContentsList of Top 10 Angular Libraries for Front-End Web Developers1) Angular Material2) NgRx3) Angular Universal4) Akita5) PrimeNG6) ngx-translate7) ngx-bootstrap8) Clarity9) ng2-charts10) NebularConclusionFAQs List of Top 10 Angular Libraries for Front-End Web Developers Web developers strive for efficiency and speed [...]

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How to Download and Install Selenium IDE for Firefox & Chrome? – Devstringx

Table of ContentsIntroduction to Selenium IDEBenefits of Using Selenium IDESystem RequirementsHow to Download Selenium IDE for Firefox?How to Install Selenium IDE for Firefox?How to Download Selenium IDE for Chrome?How to Install Selenium IDE for Chrome?Troubleshooting Common Issues During InstallationSelenium [...]

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What Is Access Management and How Can It Be Evaluated? – DS

Table of ContentsWhat Is Access Management (AM)?Application of Access ManagementUser Authentication MethodsDifferent Forms of Authentication VulnerabilitiesInsecure PasswordHTTP Authentication in Weak FormSQL InjectionNot Encrypted Parameters in the URLAccess Control Attack TypesSpoofing or Phishing EmailsPretextingConclusion What Is Access Management (AM)? Access management is [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Using React for Front-End Development – Devstringx

Table of ContentsReactJs: Pros & ConsPros of Using React1) High Performance2) Reusable Components3) Great Developer Tools4) Large Community and Ecosystem5) SEO-FriendlyCons of Using React1) Steep Learning Curve2) JSX Syntax3) Large Bundle Size4) Lack of Built-in Features5) Fragmented EcosystemConclusionFAQs ReactJs: Pros [...]

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05 Test Design Techniques in Software Engineering QA Engineers Should Know – DS

Table of ContentsList of 05 Top Test Design Techniques1) Equivalence Partitioning: Dividing and Conquering2) Boundary Value Analysis: Pushing the Limits3) Decision Table Testing: Mapping Complex Scenarios4) State Transition Testing: Uncovering System States5) Pairwise Testing: Covering All BasesConclusion: List of 05 [...]

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Metric Is Used to Measure Test Progress – Devstringx

Table of ContentsHow Do Test Metrics Work?How Come QA Metrics Important?Advantages of Software Testing MetricsSaving timeIncreased QualityAnalyse DevelopmentMeasuring Test Progress In QAConclusion How Do Test Metrics Work? Test metrics are measures of the efficacy, efficiency, performance, and quality of software testing [...]

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Ultimate Goal & Key Objectives of Software Testing – DS

Table of ContentsGoals & Objectives of Software TestingIntroductionTypes of Software TestingWhat are the Benefits of Software Testing?The Best Practices for Software TestingThe Ultimate Goals of Software TestingSoftware Quality AssuranceDetecting ErrorsReducing RisksImproved User ExperienceUpgrading Software PerformanceMeeting the Requirements of the [...]