Ensure your application follows Web Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility Testing Services

Accessibility testing ensures that differently abled people will be able to use the application. We can increase our application user base by making our application accessible for users having visual, cognitive, hearing and motor impairment. We leverage our testing experience to provide adaptable testing services based on best industry practices to comprehensively address your testing requirements. We primarily focus on two accessibility guidelines – Section 508 and WCAG.

Accessibility Testing Services in Noida

Our Testing Methodology

We follow below approach –

  • Manual Accessibility Testing
  • Automation Testing using tools like JAWS, NVDA, ORCA screen readers, Screen magnifier etc

Our Highlights

  • Expertise on both Manual and Automated Accessibility Testing
  • Good understanding of section 508 and WCAG guidelines
  • Testing by differently abled person to provide real feedback
Accessibility Testing Services in Noida

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