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Accessibility Testing Services

Devstringx Technologies is a highly recommended accessibility testing services company in Noida, India, USA, UK, Australia Canada, UAE, and across the Globe. Accessibility testing ensures that differently able people will be able to use your application which increases your application user base by making your application accessible for users having visual, cognitive, hearing, and motor impairment. We know regional and global accessibility standards, including WCAG and ADA Section 508. Our expert test team can test your application in its beta or released form.

Devstringx offers a full suite of web accessibility testing services that enables brands to identify weaknesses in their digital experiences, resolve issues quickly, serve software testing, and integrate best practices into regular operations.

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    Benefits of Accessibility Testing Services

    Accessibility is the next frontier for web and mobile apps development which determines how well your application can be understood, navigated, and used, regardless of the technology or platform used to access it.

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    Increased User Base
    True accessibility means expanding your user base. It must be tested during the time of custom software development.
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    Improved Automation
    Accessibility testing services for an application also ensures efficient automation, if your application passes during the test automation that means it is also perfect for accessibility.
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    Improved Performance
    The primary purpose of the accessibility testing is to serve the disabled group of people with ease of use which helps your entire user base of an application with easy accessibility.
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    Improved Quality
    Accessibility testing services enhance your application quality and also helps in transcribing the sounds and music into descriptions for people with hearing disabilities.

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    Solution That Meet Your Needs

    No matter whom you users, our team ensures that your offering is well-devised to offer a uniform memorable experience to every user.



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    Mobility & Dexterity

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    We provide accessibility testing for:

    • Websites & Web Apps
    • Desktop Apps
    • Mobile Apps
    • PDFs
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    Standards we follow:

    • WCAG
    • Section 500 of the rehabilitation Act
    • AODA
    • PDF/UA
    • ADA

    Why Devsringx for Accessibility Testing Services ?

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    24X7 support, faster bug and defect detection and quick turnaround time.

    our testing experts

    Our expert team comprises of a normal and a differently able engineer who can ramp up as per need.

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    Our niche accessibility development team implements the outcomes of accessibility testing.

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    The flexible engagement model to take your products with your business needs.

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