Food Delivery App Development Company

Food Delivery App Development Company

Food Delivery App- A Complete Delivery Solutions App

Do you also believe Food delivery apps have cleared the distance between you and your favourite place to eat? Most probably, you’ll say yes. Food delivery apps have made it possible to eat your favourite dishes at your home without moving out.

Moreover, the same applies to the counterparts of the app that are the service providers. Food delivery apps have created a good opportunity for many to work as delivery partners. They have also helped streamline the operations at restaurants and other food chains.

Now, the best part is that you can start your own food delivery app company with our food delivery app development services. The investment in a food delivery app’s infrastructure is minimal. So, if you also want to dominate this industry, contact us for the best on-demand food delivery app development by the best Food Delivery App Development Company. We have hands-on experience building featureful food delivery apps that work flawlessly throughout their lifetime.

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    Must-Have Features in a Food Delivery App

    Features make an app more convenient to use. Your app should be rich in features that help in the easy navigation of the app. However, there are many essential features to have in a food delivery app.

    Restaurant listing

    A feature to list restaurants based on dishes. For example, if someone searches for Pizza, the app should only enlist restaurants with Pizza on the menu.

    Filters and sort

    A must-have feature to filter the list based on preferences like price, rating, distance, and time. You should keep more filter options for the convenience of your customers.

    Built-in Map

    A built-in live map feature is vital in the delivery partner's app to deliver the food timely and accurately. Integration of Google Maps is best for this feature.

    Order Management feature

    An admin feature should be added to the restaurant's counterpart app. It helps the restaurant to manage the orders from your customers and streamline the process.

    Inventory management

    Another admin feature to track the availability of the dishes offered by any restaurant. It helps to keep the app in sync with the restaurant's inventory.

    Virtual Menu

    A virtual menu with all the dishes and beverages enlisted, along with the price and quantity. The menu should be divided into columns to be browsed efficiently.

    Rating and reviews

    An option for customers to provide their remarks and ratings to the restaurant and the delivery partner.

    In-app communication

    A must-have feature to communicate with the restaurant and delivery partner. It can provide specific instructions to the chef and delivery partner.

    Live tracking

    A feature that helps track the order and provide live updates. For example, the food is ready, the food has left the restaurant, and the live location of the delivery partner during the delivery.

    Our Process to develop a food delivery app

    When creating outstanding on-demand food delivery app development, the food delivery app development process holds a very significant role. Our method of developing online food delivery software is simple yet effective. We keep our clients' needs in the center and build their apps. Here is the procedure followed by our team to create a unique food delivery app.

    Initial Consultation

    It all starts with you and your idea. We contact our clients to understand their needs and concepts first. We help our clients to think out of the box with our recommendations. Moreover, we also suggest features and functions from our side to make the app more convenient for our client's audience.

    Initial Consultation


    Front-end Development

    Backend Development



    Why Choose Us?

    If you are searching for a food ordering app development company, look no further, as we are here to help you with our best online food delivery software services. Let’s explore why you should only choose us for your on-demand food delivery app.


    We have the experience and knowledge of creating online food delivery software. Our food delivery app developer team has years of experience developing apps that run flawlessly and become the company’s brand mark.


    Any app should always be secured with the highest possible security measures. We at Devstringx know the value of customer data security and provide extreme protection in our online food delivery software.


    We are not a company that provides a generic app with introductory features in the name of food delivery app development services. We provide our clients with fully customizable food app development services. We never restrict our clients from doing something new.

    These are why you should choose us for your on-demand food delivery app. To start with us, contact Devstringx today and discuss your requirements with the best food-ordering app development company.

    What is a Food Delivery App?

    A food delivery app is an app that connects the restaurant and the customer to order food from their home. Since not everybody wants to step out to eat their favourite food item, a food delivery app is a handy, on-demand service for such people.

    The food delivery apps have delivery partners who pick up the order from the restaurant on behalf of the customer and deliver it to the customer. A food delivery partner who works for an on-demand food delivery app gets their service fee, which the customer charges.

    The earning model of a food delivery app is simple. The app charges delivery and convenience fees from the customer along with their food’s order value. Most of the delivery charges go to the delivery partner, and the rest is the commission of the app. Food delivery apps also charge restaurants to promote them on their apps.

    Parts of a Food Delivery App

    A food delivery app comprises two apps. These two apps differ based on their features.

    Customer’s app

    The customer’s app has most features like sort, filter, order, etc. The customers use it to make the order from their desired restaurant.

    Partner app

    The partner app is for the use of the restaurant and the delivery partner. The users can create their profile based on the service they want to provide: delivery or food. This app is a management software for restaurants listed on the customer’s app. It helps the restaurant to receive orders and manage them efficiently. Moreover, the delivery partners’ app has features like order management with details and a route map to reach the customer’s place.

    What is the Need for an On-demand Food Delivery App?

    An on-demand food delivery app is a great app that facilitates the doorstep delivery of tour food. But when it comes to its need, we should consider its role in the lockdown.

    From delivering food to groceries, these apps helped people get their necessities on time without the risk of getting caught by the virus. The working model of these apps is an excellent example of a collaborative approach to any problem.

    Not only do these apps facilitate the customers, but they also generate job options for people as delivery partners. Moreover, these apps also increase the reach of the restaurants and allow them to serve a bigger area.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answer: A food delivery app provides doorstep delivery of food from restaurants to customers.

    Answer: The time needed for on-demand food delivery app development depends on the app’s complexity. However, it can take at least six months.

    Answer: You can send your query to us from our website or through an email at [email protected]. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

    Answer: On-demand food delivery apps earn money by charging convenience or platform fees from the users.

    Answer: The food delivery app business can be profitable if run effectively. However, initially, you may have to burn capital in marketing and advertising.

    Answer: The necessary integrations in a food delivery app are Maps, POS, and Payment gateways. However, you can ask for other integrations too.

    Answer: The partner’s app plays a vital role in collecting orders and connecting the delivery partners with the restaurant and the customer.

    Answer: The other expenses in a food delivery startup can be uniforms, advertisements, marketing, and giving offers.

    Answer: Developing a complete delivery solutions app can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000.

    Answer: Yes, you can own your source code after the development of the food delivery app.

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