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Devstringx Technologies is known as the most trusted software testing services company in Noida, India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and across the Globe. We all know that having critics in our life is a kind of blessing as they are going to find mistakes in you and you are going to keep on improving. In the same way, the software is also having a need for a critic who can find out mistakes in it and improves its quality. This critic is no one but a tester and at the same time, we have to keep in mind that a developer can not be a good tester. 

To deliver a high-quality product in time to market we have to have an independent testing team who keeps on testing the product in all the faces of the software development life cycle to catch a defect in the early phases of the life cycle to reduce defect fixing cost and makes sure that our product enters the market at the right time with assurance of good quality.

Testing Services offered for Quality Assurance

Listed in top software testing company in India by Clutch and Goodfirms’ ‘. We provide full software testing life cycle services to our valuable customers. Here is what you get when you outsource Software Testing to Devstringx Technologies:

Certified and Experienced Software Quality Engineers

A top software testing and assurance company having a good strength of 50+ independent testing engineers. The count is having a mix of experienced and certified testers who assures timely quality product delivered to the market.

Agile Testing Services

We do have years of working in Agile environment experience and also we do have certified scrum masters who meet all the agile expectations of the client and perform all the agile ceremonies in their project to do incremental delivery and maintain  transparency with the client.

Automation Testing Services

Backed up with development minds we have worked with plenty of Automation tools which leads to the very rich experience of Automation testing. Below are the few of the tool from the huge list of tools we have worked with:

  • Selenium
  • Protractor
  • Robot Framework
  • CodedUI
  • Cypress
  • Katalon Studio
  • Ranorex
  • TestComplete

Performance Testing

Performance testing verifies the ability of your system to work effectively under high loads, guaranteeing your business can work smoothly when it is most critical. It requires a team with the technical and business expertise to simulate high loads and fine tune systems for peak performance to help you meet your strategic goals.

We leverage our testing experience to provide adaptable testing services based on best industry practices to comprehensively address your testing requirements.

Security Testing

Domains like Banking, Healthcare etc. are very secure in terms of Data sharing and online transactions. We perform Security Testing to make sure security does not compromise and our customers gain trust of their valuable client’s.

Below are few of the tools from the list of tools we have expertise in:

  • Intruder
  • NetSparker
  • Spyse

Mobile Testing

Devstringx Technologies has its own dedicated Mobile Device Lab which facilitates higher test coverage on real devices. It helps us test on a large number of real devices, Operating system version, screen size, and resolution. It also enables us to test mobile apps under varying network conditions like real mobile network, broadband etc. Please have a look at our lab We do have expertise in Appium to automate testing process and achieve regression for multiple releases in one day.

Testing Internet Of Things (IoT)

With more and more Internet Of Things (IoT) platforms getting launched, the world is becoming more connected. As demand for IoT systems increases it’s really important that your product is robust, highly usable and works as expected for users.

We leverage our IoT application testing experience to provide adaptable testing services based on best industry practices to comprehensively address your testing requirements.

API Testing Services

API is one of the most critical parts of your application. Sometimes it happens that validations are applied only at the front end layer leaving the API layer vulnerable to security attacks. API testing involves testing of API and its integration with the presentation & data layer.

We leverage our API testing experience to provide adaptable testing services based on best industry practices to comprehensively address your testing requirements.

Test Data Management

Quality of test data is very crucial for making your testing successful. Test data should be as close to the real world as possible, poor quality of test data means high chance of leaving defects in the system and also it will lead to waste of time, money and efforts.

For enterprises we have created robust test data management solution, our solution takes care of automated data management, data analyses and availability of test data.

Devstringx Software Testing Life Cycle Process

Softwares has its own life cycle before it gets delivered to clients which is known as the custom software development life cycle. SDLC is built up of different phases like Requirement gathering, Analysis,  Designing, Implementation, and Maintenance. We have to make sure to start the testing from the first phase of SDLC, so that is why we do have Software Testing Life Cycle in place to test each and every phase of SDLC. Where we start our testing as early as possible and try to catch the bugs in the early days itself.

The main benefit out of early defect catching is lowering the cost of fixing. As we move forward in software development the cost of fixing defects keeps on increasing because the work done for a specific area keeps on increasing and redoing leads to a specific amount of cost depending on the phase where we have caught it.

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Mobile and Web Automation

Hire Independent Testers from Devstringx Technologies

Advanced technology stack is appearing more frequently today in order to keep up the pace we have to adopt a new technology stack for our application which is more superior to what we have currently. These constant changes provide an opportunity for defects that could tarnish your brand image if these defects are found by the end-user. Studies show that finding and fixing defects during test execution can cost 50 times more than during the early requirements phase, and as much as 200 times more if left undetected until after production.

We leverage our web application testing experience to provide adaptable software testing services based on best industry practices to comprehensively address your testing requirements. With our expertise, we will be able to meet your quality expectations within budget and deadline.

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