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Devstringx Technologies is a highly recommended IT company for custom software development, mobile app development and automation testing services worldwide. The company headquarter is based in Noida, India. We identifies opportunities to craft web and mobile based solutions that help you to attain efficiency and accelerated business performance. Our clients love working with us because we provide unique experience to them.

We offer a comprehensive range of value-added testing solutions and automation testing services with the highest quality and efficiency that help our customers build quality products. We are helping our clients across the globe in releasing high-quality software products to the market on time and within budgets. We deliver critical testing solutions for our client’s business requirements with a dedicated team and experienced QA professionals in India.

We provide services for different industries like Field Service Management, IoT-Utilities, Healthcare, Predictive Analysis, Financial Services, Retail & eCommerce, Blockchain, Workflow Automation, etc. We deliver solutions that open a world of possibilities for our clients.

Our Services

Custom Software Development

We develop custom software as per our client’s requirements to serve with strategic benefits. We have a dynamic team of talented software developers who deliver web, mobile and desktop based software solutions to manage B2B, B2C interactions and internal operations.

Front End Development using React & Angular

We are a recognized and prominent front end web and mobile application development service provider. Our front-end development services provide powerful user friendly interfaces, based on the advanced and latest industry trends.

Back End Development using Node and PHP

Most mobile and web applications require a server-side backend to process and manage data, our experienced and highly versatile team of professionals makes sure your product functions exactly the way you have imagined.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We are a professional web & mobile app development service provider who offer end to end hybrid application development solutions in 50+ countries. Our innovative and feature-rich hybrid apps look like native ones on all the major platforms.

Native Mobile App Development

Mobile phones have disrupted the enterprise space like none other; our professionals develop the most beautiful, engaging and high quality native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms through years of experience working on them.

Test Automation

Our test automation services meet your goal of increasing velocity throughout the software development life-cycle. We implement innovative automation frameworks through using the most current tools.

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