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Get the best intuitive UI/UX Developed for your web and mobile app

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We provide diverse NodeJS development services, Get customized NodeJS solution for your business needs

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With increasing number of Mobile users coming from smart phones, it’s time you had something designed for your Mobile users too.

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We provide diverse PHP development services, Get customized website solution for your business needs

Independent Testing Services

It is now a trend in the offshoring that testing Services are outsourced as the first step of outsourcing the software.


All Trainings are specifically designed for college projects and the professional training,

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Devstringx Technologies is a Product development, Mobile App development, and Independent Testing service provider dedicated to empowering businesses worldwide by providing end-to-end capabilities from product ideation to completion. A culture of innovation has enabled us to create cost-effective and highly scalable software products within budget and timeline for our clients which facilitate their progress and growth.

We have served different industries like Field Service Management, IoT-Utilities, Healthcare, Predictive Analysis, Financial Services, Retail & eCommerce, Blockchain, and Workflow Automation etc., We deliver solutions that open the world of possibilities for our clients.

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GIT – Distributed Version Control System

Git  It is a distributed version control system developed by Linus Torvalds in 2005. When we work in an environment where multiple developers have to access and update the same code base then issues will arise if they try to update the codebase at the same time, for example one can override code of another developer. GIT address this problem nicely. SetUp You can install the GIT for the operating system of your choice by following the instructions mentioned in the link [...]

Angular and YouTube

Streaming YouTube Video in Angular Application

Streaming YouTube Video in Angular App In this blog post we will going to learn how to integrate your YouTube video in your Angular application. Pre-requisites : Angular must be setup with minimum version 2 Setup an Angular project : Use  Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) to create a new project, you can use any of the below command. Go the directory where you would like to create a project and then run below command. ng new <project name> or ng n <project name>     [...]


Getting Started With Protractor

About Protractor Protractor is a test automation framework which is used for automating web applications testing. It combines technologies such as Jasmine, Selenium Web driver and Node.js. Using protractor, we can automate both Angular and non-Angular applications. Some Features Supports simple syntax to write tests Supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework like Cucumber Provides additional locator strategies for Angular based applications Protractor executes the command only once the action on webpage is completed thereby reduce test failure due to sync issues Protractor Setup Pre-requisites Download and Install [...]