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Angular Js Development

Get the best intuitive UI/UX Developed for your web and mobile app

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We provide diverse NodeJS development services, Get customized NodeJS solution for your business needs

Mobile App Development

With increasing number of Mobile users coming from smart phones, it’s time you had something designed for your Mobile users too.

PHP Development

We provide diverse PHP development services, Get customized website solution for your business needs

Independent Testing Services

It is now a trend in the offshoring that testing Services are outsourced as the first step of outsourcing the software.


All Trainings are specifically designed for college projects and the professional training,

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Devstringx Technologies is a Product development, Mobile App development, and Independent Testing service provider dedicated to empowering businesses worldwide by providing end-to-end capabilities from product ideation to completion. A culture of innovation has enabled us to create cost-effective and highly scalable software products within budget and timeline for our clients which facilitate their progress and growth.

We have served different industries like Field Service Management, IoT-Utilities, Healthcare, Predictive Analysis, Financial Services, Retail & eCommerce, Blockchain, and Workflow Automation etc., We deliver solutions that open the world of possibilities for our clients.

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HTML Injection

To get a better understanding of HTML Injection, firstly we should know what HTML is? HTML is a markup language, where all the website’s elements are written in the tags. Web pages are sent to the browser in the form of HTML documents. What is HTML Injection? This injection attack is injecting HTML code through the vulnerable parts of the website. The Malicious user sends HTML code through any vulnerable field with a purpose to change the website’s design or any [...]


20+ Points To be Consider Before Planning Website or Blog

Planning Website or Blog Many websites/blogs are much more popular than others apart from content there are several other factors which contributes to their popularity, after careful analysis of some of the website/blog I am listing below some key points that one should consider – Domain : Choose a domain that people can remember well, Main targeted topic should cover in domain name example: if you work for “women’s health” then your domain could be like “women health online dot com” Domain should contain [...]


Setting Up Jenkins on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Instance

We are writing this blog to list down the process of setting up jenkins on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu instance having OS version 18.04. Pre-requisites : 1 AWS EC2 Instance should be up and running Make SSH connection with your EC2 instance Install Java Enable ‘Universe’ repository using below command sudo add-apt-repository universe On older versions of Ubuntu you can use below command sudo add-apt-repository “deb $(lsb_release -sc) universe” Use below command to install java sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk Setup Java_Home using below commands Open bashrc file with command – nano .bashrc Add [...]