Taiko the automation tool

Taiko – A Free and Open Source Browser Automation Tool

Taiko is an automation tool which is freely available and it is an open source browser automation tool. It is built by ThoughtWorks team. It uses Node.js library to automate the chrome browser. Taiko is very useful to create maintainable and highly readable JavaScript tests.  Taiko has a simple API, smart selectors and implicit waits. All these work together towards a single goal – No more flaky tests. Features Taiko is built ground up to test modern web applications. Below is a list [...]

Automation Testing with Cypress

Introduction to Automation Testing with Cypress for the Modern Web

About Cypress Cypress is a front end automation tool created for the modern web. Cypress is built using new architecture and it runs in the same run-loop as the application under test. Which results in Cypress providing better, faster, and more reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. Cypress works on any front-end framework or website Cypress’s Features Some of the key features of Cypress are Time Travel, Debug ability, Automatic wait, Spies, Stubs, and Clocks, Network Traffic Control, Consistent [...]

SQL Injection Vulnerability

SQL Injection Vulnerability & How to Prevent it?

Introduction: SQL injection is an attack technique that exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the database layer of application. Hackers use injection to obtain unauthorized access to the underlying data, structure, and DBMS. By using an SQL injection an attacker can embed malicious code in a poorly-designed application and then passed to the back end database. The malicious data after that produces database query results or action that should never have been executed. What is An SQL Injection Vulnerability? Within [...]

Apache JMeter

Introduction of Apache JMeter – Open Source Performance Testing Software

Apache JMeter is open-source testing software. JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application which is used for performance testing and analyze the overall system performance under different loads. JMeter is user-friendly and can be downloaded for free of cost. JMeter was originally used for testing Web Application or FTP application. Today, it is used for a functional test, database server test, etc. Many protocols that are supported by Apache JMeter: HTTP, HTTPS sites Web Services Database via JDBC drivers Directory – LDAP JMS (Java Message [...]

Process of ETL Testing and Its Types

What is The Process of ETL Testing and Its Types

What is ETL? ETL stands for Extract Transform and Load. ETL is a process in which data transfer takes place in multiple stages. Data transfer starts from the legacy source to the staging server, from staging to data warehouse and finally from a data warehouse to data marts and then load the data from data mart into cubes of browsing. What is a Data Warehouse? A data warehousing is a technique of  managing data after collecting it from various sources to provide [...]

Zephyr Test Management Plugin

Getting Started With Zephyr – Test Management Plugin For JIRA

Zephyr is a native application that resides in JIRA and brings test management capabilities to any JIRA project. With the addition of Zephyr for JIRA, tests can be created and viewed in any JIRA project, linked to other issues, executed immediately or as part of a test cycle and detailed test metrics can be tracked. How to Install Prerequisites: Zephyr only works with JIRA 5.x/6.x Server or above and Data Center versions. It should not be installed on JIRA 4.x. You need to [...]

Selenium Flaky Test

Selenide – Answer to Selenium Flaky Tests

Background – Today one of the best UI automation testing tool is Selenium but we automation engineers face one important challenge with it which is ‘synchronization’ issue. This issue leads to increase script maintenance effort as many a time tests gets failed without any actual bug in application. This can happen due to a lot of different reasons for example Ajax is used to dynamically update the application page or due to the ‘async’ activities of the front end framework [...]


Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack Types & Prevention

Introduction : Cross Site Scripting(XSS) is the popular and vulnerable attack which is known by every advanced tester. It is considered as one of the adventurous attacks for web applications and can bring harmful results also. This attack is considered adventurous, because of its ability to damage even less vulnerable technologies. How XSS Being Performed : Cross Site Scripting attack means sending and injecting malicious script or code. Javascript and HTML are mostly used to perform this attack, the main reason for such [...]


Maven Goals To Execute Commands Post Test Execution

Objective –  Recently in one of the projects we got the requirement to create the test execution summary file after parsing the TestNG emailable report once the test execution is finished.    Challenge –  We were running the test with Maven goal which generates the emailable report in target directory of the project but it does it once build is completed due to which we were not able to write the parsing code in TestNG listener.   Solution –   We have written the code for [...]


Getting Started With Protractor

About Protractor Protractor is a test automation framework which is used for automating web applications testing. It combines technologies such as Jasmine, Selenium Web driver and Node.js. Using protractor, we can automate both Angular and non-Angular applications. Some Features Supports simple syntax to write tests Supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework like Cucumber Provides additional locator strategies for Angular based applications Protractor executes the command only once the action on webpage is completed thereby reduce test failure due to sync issues Protractor Setup Pre-requisites Download and Install [...]