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A Quick Introduction of Locators In Selenium – Devstringx

If you’re looking to automate the testing of web applications, chances are that you’ve come across Selenium. As a powerful and versatile open-source test automation tool, it’s used by many different developers in order to speed up their development [...]

NUnit Selenium Framework

Integrate Extent Report with in NUnit Selenium Framework Screenshots | Devstringx

Setting up Visual StudioDownload the latest version of Visual Studio. Select NUnit 3 Test project.3. Give a project name and click next.4. As we are creating a selenium framework, we need selenium packages and a browser driver. If you are familiar [...]

Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture – Devstringx

Prior to Microservices architecture, Monolithic architecture was in practice in which all the software components are grouped together into a single package (code for different features remains on the same server). Microservice architecture is a design pattern for Service-Oriented [...]