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What Is SIEM? Importance, Uses, Components, and Capabilities | Devstringx

Did you know that only 21.9% of companies that employ SIEM actually take advantage of it? Despite being an approximately $2 billion company, most companies fail to use this tool efficiently. The main reason behind this failure is that they [...]

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What is an Intranet? Definition, Features, Advantages & Disadvantages | Devstringx

How do share confidential information within an organization? How to keep the information flow more productiveWell, the answer to these questions is the Intranet which is the epicenter of today’s digital workplace! Share data, pictures, videos, and much more globally with [...]

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Devstringx Technologies Recognized By Superbcompanies As Top Software Testing Company in India

The Devstringx Technologies team is full of delight and pride. The thing is that the company has been recognized as one of the best in India in the sphere of software testing according to Superbcompanies. Our specialists nurture every project [...]