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Msnagile is fulfilled agile product management tool, which Loveridge software development teams to work together at remote locations, it leads to enhanced efficiency and productive outcome. Here you can perform all the agile-based ceremonies like sprint planning, daily standup, effort estimations, retrospections, etc. This project management software has features to manage requirements, maintain backlog, creation of sprint backlogs, task distribution, etc. Everything is very transparent. Any teammate can log into the software and see who is working on which task, which task is in progress, which task yet to be picked likewise.

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We do have an active sprint board to manage work with drag-and-drop cards and plan simple workflows where everyone can see what is done, what is in progress, and who is working on which issue. By this product management tool owner creates a project backlog with all the required features, then the team with scrum master decides the sprint backlog in the sprint planning meeting and then the team on their own can decide who will be picking which issue and task with their own timelines within the sprint. This way we give full freedom and transparency within the team as expected in Agile methodology.

Product Management Boards
Product Management Roadmaps


We do have a roadmap feature to provide a quick snapshot of the planned work for a certain amount of time, it could be a year or more than that, important milestones, key deliverables, dependencies, and possible risks and track your progress. This project management tool lets you decide your milestones and make you achieve them.

Effort Estimations

Nowadays we work in geographically distributed teams before we can plan the project schedule we have to estimate the effort and duration of all the work. We do have an Efforts Estimation module where you can estimate your issues, your sprint as an online game and the best thing is you can save it for later reference.

Test Management Effort Estimations
Effective product test management

Test Management

Effective product test management is a critical part of developing high-quality products. We do have a test management module where you can track your testing activities, store your testing artifacts, Log defects, Create execution cycle release wise/sprint wise, etc. Through well-managed testing processes, you can ensure that producing the best products possible, while making the most of their limited resources.


A Report is an overview of the current status of the project there are a lot of instances where we have to report to our stakeholders about the progress of the project and taking out this data manually will be a cumbersome task. To overcome this we have automated this process by giving different-2 kinds of reports like closed V/s fixed defects, opened defects over a period of time, efforts put in during the sprint or throughout the release, etc.

Project Test Reports

Other Features

Customize Workflow

Use the default workflow or create your own workflow to cater your specific needs.


Get real time snapshot of your project activities from dashboard, filter data based on the project.

Permission Management

Control various access and admin rights from the Role & Permission management area.

Custom Field

We support rich set of field types, create custom fields and put on form.

Test Management

Manage your complete testing process with our awesome product.

Estimation & Retro Sessions

Do live estimation & retrospection sessions with your team. We support various estimation techniques

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