Regression Testing Services ensures that no new defect is introduced in software application

Regression Testing Services

The objective of the Regression testing services is to uncover the newly introduced bugs in the software application after any change done in the source code of the application, generally regression testing is done after fixing of defects or development of new features or enhancement of existing features etc.

Studies shows that finding and fixing defects during test execution can cost 50 times more than during the early requirements phase, and as much as 200 times more if left undetected until after production.

We leverage our testing experience to provide adaptable software testing services based on best industry practices to comprehensively address your testing requirements. We use dynamic testing techniques to ensure your system is thoroughly tested and a rigorous defect management procedure to ensure all issues are resolved.

Regression Testing

Methodology of Our Regression Testing Services

In order to perform effective regression testing, we follow below approach –

  • Review of functional and design specification for new features or existing features which is going to be enhanced
  • Impact analysis to identify application area to be covered in regression testing. In order to do this activity we do discussion with development team, we refer code coverage reports, FEMA etc
  • Development of new test cases if needed >Identification of regression test suite for each release
  • Automation of regression tests
  • Execution of regression tests
  • Defect logging

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