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Grocery Delivery App Development- Doorstep Groceries Within 24 Hours

Hey, are you looking for a grocery delivery app development company? If yes, stop your search now, as Devstringx is here with the best grocery app solution. Devstringx has an experienced team of grocery app developers who will craft your own grocery app.

Recently, there has been a high demand for instant grocery delivery services. Moreover, as the market is still growing, you can launch your app to get your grocery business to grow. Groceries are the need of every household, and if everything is getting delivered, then why not groceries?

Whether you are a store owner or want to connect multiple small shops directly to online customers through your app, we will help you with anything. Take advantage of the opportunity to take your business to new heights. Discover more than just your area with our on-demand grocery delivery app development service. Reach us now and consult with our team to get your dream app built with the most impressive features and functions.

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    Essential features to have in a grocery delivery app

    Everyone loves a feature-rich app. That is why we create apps with amazing features. Here are some must-have features for your grocery app.

    Smooth Sign-in and sign-up

    A flawless sign and sign-up page for old and new users. The login and sign-up should be done through various ways like Gmail, social media profiles, and phone numbers.

    Categories sections

    Dedicated sections for different types of groceries like staples and beverages. It will make browsing on your app more accessible.

    Live Order Tracking

    An order tracking feature to track orders at different stages. It includes processing, dispatch and live tracking of orders getting delivered.

    Search bar

    A search bar with access to the whole inventory to make browsing the products faster for your customers.

    Delivery Scheduling

    It is a highly demanded feature which lets customers schedule their orders to get delivered on a specific date or time.

    Insights Dashboard

    An admin feature which displays all the necessary information on the dashboard. You can put current orders, inventory updates or any other info.

    Delivery partner's app Integration

    Integration of the delivery partner's app with your app to provide live tracking of delivery partners.

    Inventory management

    An admin feature to quickly look at inventory from anywhere without needing to go to the inventory.

    Multiple Payments gateway

    A payment gateway with multiple payment options like debit/credit cards, UPI, digital wallets, BNPL apps and many more.

    Our Process

    Since we are the best grocery delivery app development company, we have a unique process for your grocery app solution. Over the years, we have gained expertise and experience in on-demand grocery delivery app development. So, here is how we create a marvellous grocery delivery app for you with our unique development process.

    Ideation and concept planning

    Since it's your app, it starts only with you. We consult with you to get a clear understanding of your idea and needs for your app. We try our best to keep your idea revived throughout the process. Moreover, we also discuss the essential features and functions you want in your app. Since a grocery delivery app development includes developing a customer and an admin app, we also discuss the admin app's feature to have in your app.

    Ideation and concept planning

    Project Planning

    Front-end Development

    Back-end development

    Testing and Handover


    Why Choose Us?

    Are you not able to find a trusted grocery delivery app development company? Don’t worry; Devstringx is excellent for all your app development needs. We have the best grocery store app development team, which will help you to make your dream come true. With a plethora of reasons to choose, here are some of them.


    We have the experts to develop your grocery delivery app. With our years of experience in app development, we have mastered the technique to provide our clients with precisely what they need.


    Since you are unique from others, the same deserves your app. That is why we are open to any customization you want in your app. We believe in taking a tailor-made approach rather than a single strategy for all.

    Own your source code

    By working with Devstringx, you can own your source code after the app development. We hand over the source code to our clients without asking any questions.

    Due to these reasons and many more, we are the best grocery app development company for you. Contact us today to get your on-demand grocery app development started.

    What is an on-demand grocery delivery app?

    On-demand apps are top-rated nowadays for the instant services they provide. A grocery delivery app is also an on-demand app which provides the doorstep delivery of groceries through the app. Grocery delivery apps differ from eCommerce apps as these apps operate on a same-day delivery model. Moreover, some apps are even delivering groceries in under 30 minutes.

    These apps are getting famous in India for the same reason. Grocery delivery apps run on a simple earning model. These apps sell products on retail pieces, which are bought at wholesale rates. Moreover, convenience fees and delivery fees are also charged per order.

    Types of Grocery delivery app models

    There are three significant types of grocery delivery app models. Here are these three popular models.

          1. Single Grocery Store Model

    It is the best app for those who want to provide their loyal customers with doorstep delivery. This model is opted for by the single but wholesale-level store owner.

          2. Retail Points Grocery App Model

    Retail points grocery apps are very popular in India right now. These apps are linked with a nearby store specially built for online operations only. These stores don’t serve customers online. These apps mainly offer 10-30 minutes of competitive delivery service.

          3. Grocery Stores Chain Model

    Big grocery chains like Reliance Fresh and Big Bazaar opt for this model. These apps work similarly to the first model but are significantly bigger. These apps can connect to different stores based on the location you are currently in.

    So, if you want a grocery app developed based on these models or a unique one, then get in touch with Devstringx for the best grocery store app development services.

    Parts of a grocery delivery app

    There are two apps that are developed in a grocery delivery app development service. These two apps are the customer’s app and the admin’s app.

    • Customer’s App

    The customer’s side grocery app has all the service-centric features like a search bar, category, filter & sort, etc. The app allows customers to make or schedule their orders. Moreover, it also lets them track their orders live.

    • Admin’s App

    The admin’s app has all the order and sales-related features like current orders, inventory, insights, etc. This app is integrated with the PoS to update the sales and inventory of the store precisely. It also has the order assigning feature, which allows the order packing staff and delivery agent to assign orders.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answer: Yes, the grocery delivery business model is profitable. However, you must buy the stock in bulk to keep your prices lower than others to thrive in the market.

    Answer: We at Devstringx follow a unique way to craft your apps. Moreover, our experienced designers and developers have the expertise to create your app with the best features and functions.

    Answer: There are many APIs to integrate in a grocery delivery app. However, these are some of the essential integrations in a grocery delivery app.

    • Multiple Payments Gateway
    • Maps
    • Delivery Agent’s Platform Integration
    • Recipe Book APIs

    Answer: The cost of an on-demand grocery delivery app development depends on the app, its features, and its complexity. However, the cost can be anywhere between $10,000 – 30,000.

    Answer: If you are a local shop owner who wants to deliver groceries in some specific areas, then hiring a delivery partner will be more convenient. However, in the case of a grocery delivery chain or retail outlet, you can employ delivery partners through companies like Zypp to get an instant delivery partner workforce.

    Answer: The time to develop a grocery delivery app differs based on its complexity, size, number of features and other factors. But, it takes at least 4-6 months to develop a grocery delivery app.

    Answer: We offer a range of software development and testing services. At Devstringx, you can hire us for Android, iOS, and web application development. Moreover, we provide different Testing services like regression testing, functional testing, compatibility testing and many more. We also have API development services along with IoT software development.

    Answer: You can simply contact us through our website.

    Moreover, you can also write your query and mail us at [email protected].

    Answer: Yes, we will absolutely provide ongoing support to your app. We will help you launch new updates and debug any bug or glitch.

    Answer: Yes, you can have Custom features in your app, as custom features are the way you can stand out from others.

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