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If you’re a restaurant owner, then you are most probably aware of the restaurant apps of Domino’s, Burger King, and others. But you may need to learn the power and contribution of these apps in the restaurant business. For your knowledge, in 2022, there were around 127 million downloads of McDonald’s mobile app. Moreover, the sales made through their app are multiple times this number.

A restaurant app is a way to get sales and a marketing tool that allows you to tell your customers that you are here. Keeping your online operations limited to a few aggregator delivery apps is not enough. To build your presence, you must understand the importance of your restaurant app.

Don’t worry about the development of your restaurant app. As for that, we are here. You think of what you need, and Devstringx, the best restaurant app development company, will give you precisely what you want.

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    Must-Have Features in a Restaurant App

    Since a restaurant app is developed for the convenience of customers, there are some features that your app should have.


    A menu page to display all items with their prices, quantities, and add-on options. The menu should be interactive to facilitate direct ordering.

    Online order

    A feature to make orders online for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

    Table Booking

    A must-have feature for dine-in restaurants which allows you to book tables at restaurants in advance.

    Multiple Payments Gateway

    An integrated payment gateway with multiple payment options such as UPI, Cards, Wallets, and many more.

    Loyalty Program

    A loyalty program to insist customers come back. You can reward your customers with points or virtual cash for every order.

    POS Integration

    Integration with your Point of Sale makes management easier and automates cash flow.

    Store Locator

    Map Integration to make it easy to find your restaurant with the store locator feature.

    Rating and Reviews

    A pop-up feature to allow your customers to provide you with legitimate reviews and give ratings to dishes.

    Note to the Chef

    A feature to let your customers add cooking or other instructions to the chef.

    Our Process of Restaurant Mobile App Development

    The process of crafting a restaurant app should be client-centric. It is essential to create an app that should reassemble
    the restaurant. Devstringx has a very client-centric approach to creating restaurant apps.

    Understanding the Idea

    We start by consulting with our clients and researching their business, audience, and other vital aspects. It helps us to make a detailed report of what the app should look like to resemble the client's brand. We also discuss the client's app needs, like integrations, features, and other elements.

    Understanding the Idea

    Drafting a plan

    Front-end Designing

    Back-end development

    QA and Testing


    Why Choose Us?

    Are you searching to find the perfect team for your restaurant app development? Well then, Devstringx can be your go-to restaurant app development company. We are the best choice for your custom restaurant app development solutions.

    Tailored to your taste

    We’ll make you forget the one-size-fits-all approach. At Devstringx, we work with you closely to understand your needs and goals. We aim to customize your app until you find perfection.

    Tech wizards

    Our restaurant app developers love to stay on the cutting edge of technology. So, we use the latest frameworks and tools. Moreover, it also helps us to build not only apps that are powerful but also scalable. In this way, we ensure that your apps meet the demands of your business.

    Punctuality matters

    It is no secret that time is of the essence in the restaurant world. Therefore, you can count on us to deliver your product on time.

    Our seasoned experts have rich experience in top-tier restaurant mobile app development. We ensure a smooth user experience by making the app intuitive and visually stunning. Hence, when you choose us, you’re choosing excellence and innovation. So, let’s team up and elevate your restaurant’s success.

    What is a restaurant app?

    A restaurant app is made for a restaurant, chain of restaurants, or big fast food joints. It helps the customers to make their orders online with the restaurant’s app for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery. Moreover, these apps also have features like table booking, which allows customers to book their tables in advance and schedule their lunch or dinner.

    Restaurants often launch restaurant apps to make their operations more efficient. These apps help restaurants connect with customers and provide service with fewer staff members.

    Moreover, it also allows the restaurants to increase their operational area by enabling home delivery features. Some examples of restaurant apps are Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s.

    Another benefit of such apps is collecting user data, which helps the restaurant provide more personalized customer service based on their likes and dislikes. This data also helps a lot in the marketing of the restaurants.

    What is the difference between an on-demand food delivery app and a restaurant app?

    An on-demand food delivery app provides an aggregator marketplace to many restaurants. Restaurants create profiles on such apps to get extra sales and facilitate doorstep delivery. Moreover, from a customer’s perspective, an on-demand food delivery app is a service provider app that provides home delivery of their favorite food items.

    On the other hand, the restaurant apps may have the same doorstep delivery feature, but these apps only serve a particular restaurant and its branches. Moreover, a restaurant app can have many other features like table booking, dine-in and takeaway options, and many more. These apps are mainly developed to streamline the online operations of a restaurant and make it easier to present online.

    Need for a restaurant app!

    If you are a restaurant owner with significant online sales, then a restaurant app can help you manage your online operations. Moreover, if you have yet to start services like delivery, table booking, online payment, etc., you can start with your restaurant app.

    Restaurant apps are needed to build a brand faster as they are the best representative of brands on your customers’ smartphones. You can also create your brand image with your app, with the benefits of extending it to online spaces.

    With these benefits, a restaurant app becomes necessary for restaurants and restaurant chains. If you are also looking for the best restaurant app development company, we are here with our experienced restaurant app developers and designers. Contact us today to book your consultation for the expert restaurant app development solution.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answer: Custom restaurant app development finds use in creating mobile applications customized for your restaurant’s needs. It has many features like online ordering and reservations, among others.

    Answer: The time taken to build a restaurant app can vary. It depends on many factors, mainly related to the complexity of your app. However, we prioritize on-time delivery. So, we work very efficiently to deliver your app as soon as possible.

    Answer: Absolutely! Every restaurant should have mobile apps that are high in quality. So, we provide our services to all restaurant owners, big or small. We can design our solutions to fit your budget. Moreover, we also ensure not to compromise on our service’s quality.

    Answer: Of course! At Devstringx, we offer post-launch maintenance as well as support. It helps us to make sure that your app keeps running smoothly. So, rest assured, as we are here for a long haul.

    Answer: Yes. Our services include building apps that can run on both iOS and Android platforms. We do so because we know how important it is to reach a broader range of customers.

    Answer: Security is paramount for us. Hence, we strictly use the industry standard measures. It helps us to protect customer’s data. We also include encryption and secure authentication methods.

    Answer: We have proven ourselves as a reliable partner when it comes to restaurant mobile app development. We employ expert restaurant app developers. Hence, we can quickly build user-friendly and feature-rich apps. In this way, we seamlessly align with your brand and objective.

    Answer: You can reach out to us through our website. Also, you can choose to email us directly at [email protected]. Our team will consult you and provide you with the details of our services.

    Answer: Yes, we can integrate third-party services into your app to boost its functionality. We can include payment processing and social media sharing, among many others.

    Answer: Our custom apps are built to give you a competitive edge. We include features like loyalty programs and seamless customer engagement. All these help your restaurant attract more customers and stay ahead in the market.

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