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Being the most trusted international custom software design and development company in India. We always keep track of new technologies to deliver advanced custom enterprise software development solutions. We employ industry best practices to deliver robust, secure & scalable custom software development services for various industries worldwide like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, and many more. Being one of the best custom software development services provider company in India, we guarantee the quality, effectiveness, and quick time to market.

Our Custom Software Development Services Cycle

Counted among the best custom software development company in India by Clutch and, Good Firms, we provide full-cycle development services to our esteemed customers. Here is what you get when you outsource software development to Devstingx:

Expert Software Consulting

Expert Software

We serve you with end-to-end software consulting and development solutions through the help of our industry experts from different knowledge domains.

Software Testing

Software QA and

From the initial stage of the project, we put our expert quality analysts in the loop so that you can make sure your software application runs across all browsers and screens.

Software UI Design

Software UI/UX

Our custom software designing team gives your web or mobile apps an interactive design, user-friendly website interface, motion graphics, and visual aspect.

software development agency

Software Maintenance & Support

If you want to migrate your existing Software to other platform or upgrade its present version, we are always ready to help you.

software development solutions

Custom Software Development

We built customize solutions to your requirement and focus on the facility providing distinctive operational competency to the unique business needs.

software development tool

Software Maintenance & Support

We are not only providing custom software application development services, but also provide complete software maintenance and support to our customers.

Technology Platforms That We Work On

What is custom software development?

In today’s competitive era, you need to develop software and applications that meet specific business needs. Custom software development is the process of conceptualizing, designing, creating, and delivering software to a specific individual or group of individuals within an organization or to a contracted third party. Custom software is designed to meet the needs of a specific user and is considered more efficient than commercially available (COTS) software. COTS covers a wide range of requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of audiences. Off-the-shelf software is promoted and sold for a variety of businesses to incorporate into their day-to-day business applications. One of the best examples of an out-of-the-box solution is Microsoft Office. Indeed, it caters to the general needs of a wide audience around the world.

However, not all business needs can be generalized. Specific business processes and teams have a specific set of needs that require specific solutions. This is where custom software development finds applications. Startup software companies want to reach as many users as possible for the software applications they develop. It offers many advantages, especially if the goal of the company is sales and marketing success. This still applies, but some workflows have custom requirements. So, you need to know when to take your custom software development path and how to execute it. Custom software development is the process of designing, developing, and creating software application products tailored to specific users, processes, and business needs. Basically, it’s general software development, but it’s tailored to the purposes of who, when, where, and how to use it. The most important advantage of custom software is that it offers features that standard software does not. The problem you solve after implementing a custom designed solution is worth it.

Benefits of custom software development


One of the most obvious benefits of custom apps is personalization. Basic software can provide a variety of functions, but is designed to serve multiple businesses at the same time. Nevertheless, in a highly competitive business environment, leadership can often be achieved by building a unique identity in a niche market. Software designed specifically for your needs will help you achieve this.


One of the most obvious benefits of custom apps is personalization. Basic software can provide a variety of functions, but is designed to serve multiple businesses at the same time. Nevertheless, in a highly competitive business environment, leadership can often be achieved by building a unique identity in a niche market. Software designed specifically for your needs will help you achieve this.

Cost effective

Off-the-shelf software may seem cheap, but it often incurs recurring costs and becomes unprofitable in the long run. Also, out-of-the-box applications require customization to effectively support business work. Over time, they seemed to be missing an important feature, which led to their development from scratch. Finally, you may face hidden costs when scaling your project.

High security and reliability

A major challenge for many B2B and B2C companies is that data access and security issues affect many end users in today’s market. People who trade online want to be sure that their transactions are always safe and secure. By supporting expensive security protocols, you can pass the additional costs on to the services you provide to your customers. This could lead to a loss of competitive advantage in the market. In addition, the circulation of data within the internal processes of an organization must also be regulated by the establishment of strict security standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Outsourcing cost mostly depends on the technology stack involved & experience required, Though here we thrive that our clients get the best possible resources at reasonable rates. Here you don’t have obligation to pay any recruiting or additional costs for team support. The client actually pays for the number of hours the resource has worked.

Answer: It depends on multiple aspects like project scope, time spent on the project & technological challenges. Though it may sound vague it’s simple and honest. Points to consider are that each software project is different, especially if it’s curated around an original idea. As we don’t want to provide some unrealistic estimates, instead we would like to provide you with the best quality possible within your budget.

Answer: We have more than 10 years of experience in custom software development. Have completed projects for a wide range of clients including information domain, eCommerce domain services domain, etc. We have experience in App development, Web and IoT apps, e-learning, and CRM systems.

Answer: At Devstringx we have successfully delivered over 100s of projects to many clients across the globe. We have been putting in continuous efforts to support our clients with the fast-changing requirements. We are committed to bringing to you robust digital solutions following the optimal methods & highest cost-efficiency.

Answer: Few things that need to be considered before selecting your offshore development partner. Total experience of the company working in the offshore development model, Projects delivered in the past along with testimonials from clients, Technology requirements if there is some specific need for the project, support terms & conditions once the project is completed, etc.

The last point of consideration should be cost as, in the end, only the quality of the product will matter.

Answer:  It will be decided as per the NDA signed at the time of commencement of the project In a case, there is a requirement from the client about the source code mentioned in the NDA along with other terms and conditions it will be shared.

Answer:  At Devstringx has set practices for developing mobile-friendly software applications. Be it a simple software or an enterprise-grade complex solution, we are committed to delivering it on time with the highest quality & support for the majority of mobile devices.

Answer: For a precise answer to this we will prepare a project scope along with the budget. So that our clients will have clarity of the scope that can be completed within the budget plus the timeframe for the different deliveries commitment will be mentioned in the above-said document.

Answer: There are no hidden charges as such. All the cost components are mentioned in the agreements signed at the commencement of the project. We always try to be as transparent as possible regarding cost & most importantly the quality delivered to our clients.


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