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Real Estate App: The New Gen Broker Solution

Hey there! Where are you? On a site, trying to sell a flat or house to a client? If that’s the case, it is worth considering the advantages of creating a custom real estate app. But worry not; we are here to tell you what you can unlock with your real estate app.

Real estate is one of the most profitable industries in the world, with over ₹260 billion worth of market only in india. But, with this big market pool comes the competition, making it hard to get a place in this market.

Or you can just become an app-based real estate company with no boundaries. With a real-estate app, you can list flats and houses not only from multiple cities but also from multiple states. Real estate apps are becoming the future of buying and selling lands, flats, houses and commercial properties.

So, if you also want to make a prominent place in the real estate business, get yourself a fully customized real estate app. Contact Devstringx, the best real estate app development company today, to leverage your existence in the real estate Market.

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    Must-Have Features We Offer in Our Real Estate App Development Services

    A real estate app should be feature-rich so that your customers’ user experience can be uplifted. There are some essential features to have in real estate that will help you to convert the maximum leads into sales.

    Dedicated User Profile

    A feature to let the buyer, seller or agent manage their profiles. Give access to different features based on user type.

    Sort & Filter

    It is a necessary feature to let customers filter the listed properties based on size, price, area, property type etc.

    Integrated Mapṣ

    A feature to link property with maps to make exploring the location easier for the user.

    Cost Calculator

    A calculation feature with data fed about the taxes and stamp duty based on the area of property. It will help to make a final cost estimation.

    Communication through call or text

    A built-in call or text feature to facilitate direct contact between the two parties.

    Sign-in option

    A sign-in and sign-up page to maintain authorized user profiles. Provide multiple login options like Google, Facebook, Phone Number and email.

    VR Tour

    A futuristic feature that allows users to get through the property with a VR headset. It can be a differentiating feature between you and others.

    Easy User Interface

    Easy to use interface of an app is necessary for retaining users and make them comfortable with the app easy.

    Our Process for Crafting Custom Real Estate Apps

    There is no doubt in the fact that technology is shaping industries in this era. Therefore, our mobile app development company, Devstringx stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the landscape of real estate. We commit to delivering top-quality real estate app development services. So, let’s take you through our process to develop real estate apps.

    Discovering Your Vision

    We begin our process by immersing ourselves in your vision. Being a premier real estate software development company, we understand the power of ideas. Our skilled experts engage in detailed discussions with you. It helps them to understand your needs, challenges, and goals.

    Discovering Your Vision


    Front-end Design

    Back-end development and testing

    We Ensure Perfection


    Why Choose Devstringx for Real Estate App Development?

    If you want to elevate your real estate app venture, then our real estate app development company is the best for it. We can become your trusted partner in building exceptional real estate mobile development app solutions. At Devstringx, our professionals are visionaries who can breathe life into your concepts.

    Expertise that matters

    Our journey as a top-tier mobile app development company has bestowed us with unmatched expertise. Our real estate app development services help you to connect to your buyers and sellers seamlessly.

    Customization for success

    Your business is unique. Hence, your app should reflect its uniqueness. That is why we commit to customization and shape each app as per your requirements. After all, it’s not just any app; it’s an app that will reflect your brand identity.

    Innovation as a Standard

    At Devstringx, we thrive on innovation. We incorporate the latest trends and technologies. So, your app won’t just keep up but set the pace.

    We are not just a real estate software development company. We are partners who are invested in your success. Hence, we ensure that your choices shape every step of the app-building journey. So, choose us to embrace innovation and excellence.

    What Is a Real Estate App?

    A real estate app is focused on the real estate industry and integrates many features like listing properties, buying, selling and auctions. Real estate apps are developed to allow customers to see houses, flats, and other properties at the convenience of sitting at their homes.

    It is a necessary technology as many real estate apps are already in the market and have comparatively more market share than traditional property dealers. It allows you to expand your business in more than one city or even state without being present in every place.

    Types of Real Estate Apps

    Real estate apps can be categorized into seven different types. Let’s look at these seven types to understand their function.

    • Rent Apps
    • Buy and Sell Apps
    • Home Valuation Apps
    • Realtor Apps
    • Real Estate Management Apps
    • Real Estate Investment Apps
    • Real Estate Auction Apps

    So, doesn’t matter what category of real estate app you want to get, contact Devstringx, the best real estate mobile app development company.

    A Secured Real Estate App

    A real estate app contains a lot of user data which should not be compromised. Thus, security of a real estate app is vital for real estate business owners. But how will you make your app secure? There are two types of security measures that should be considered in a real estate app. The first is the app’s security, where you make your app is immune against hackers. Moreover, there should also be a mechanism to prevent with fake listings.

    The second security measure is to maintain valid documentation related to the properties. A real estate app should be able to distinguish between real and fake documents. You can implement a hybrid system where AI automation and humans can work together.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answer: A real estate application can be developed with multiple variations. Thus, a cost estimation can only be determined after knowing the app’s details. However, you can get an entry-level app for $20,000 to $30,000. However, it can cost less or more depending on your requirements.

    Answer: The development team may take months to develop a real estate app. The exact time depends on the complexity and number of features needed in the app.

    Answer: If you want to get the best real estate app development services, Devstringx is the perfect fit. Our expertise and dedication have given excellent results regarding real estate app development.

    Answer: You can contact us through our website. Also, you can directly mail us at [email protected].

    Answer: At Devstringx, we offer numerous services related to app development. You can contact us for website development and software testing, among many other things.

    Answer: A real estate app helps buyers to find properties easily. It also helps to speed up the sales process. Real estate apps make it easier for clients to find the right property for themselves at the right price.

    Answer: You can earn money by selling ad slots to third-party businesses. You can also give the slot to featured real estate agents. Other ways include having a subscription model or working on commission on every transaction.

    Answer: A real estate app works by assigning an agent to you after you download it. You can stay connected with the agent 24/7. You can switch notifications to get updates on new listings and property recommendations.

    Answer: There is no doubt that multilingual support can easily widen your consumer base. It can help you to interact with diverse people.

    Answer: You can make your real estate application if you have the required knowledge. However, if not so, then it will only lead to a loss of your time. Hence, hiring a real estate app development company like Devstringx to develop your app is a better option.

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