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Developing software is not a run-of-the-mill task as it involves plenty of functional and non-functional testing to determine the application’s performance. Compatibility testing is one of the imperative quality checks that aims to develop software compatible with multiple platforms. However, it’s a non-functional software evaluation that empowers software and applications to run efficiently on various browsers, databases, mobile devices, and OSs.

At Devstringx, we follow an exact Compatibility Testing Services authentic process to evaluate the software’s performance and practice cross-checks on various platforms and browsers. As a result, it easily detects the layout, functioning, and user experience of the application. Furthermore, we make sure to design an application that benefits a wide range of users and determines the company’s success; hence, we timely fix the bugs and resolve functionality issues with the latest versions that fit with multiple platforms.

We, the best Compatibility Testing Company, analyze the required tests, design a plan enrolled with various resources, execute and evaluate that performance and identify bugs and defects. After that, we make your software compatible with multiple browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices.

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    Advantages of Compatibility Testing

    Running software seamlessly on multiple platforms is not easy; hence, it’s essential to check the compatibility of your software through Compatibility Testing Services. We provide you a wide range of compatibility testing, including backward, forward, hardware, mobile application, and browser compatibility testing that benefits you in several ways.

    Profitability and Credibility icon
    Increase Profitability and Credibility
    By utilizing compatibility services, you can effectively satisfy the customers’ demand. It ultimately benefits you by improving your credibility and enhancing the profit.
    Bugs and Defects icon
    Fix The Bugs and Defects Before Launching
    Prevent your application from risk zones with compatibility testing. It efficiently runs your application without any hassles and improves your software functionality.
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    Better Investment For The Future
    Compatibility tests eliminate the defects and bugs that eventually save your money by preventing you from wastage of helpdesk services. It provides you with flawless software for long-term use.
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    Make A Better User Experience
    A quality and technology-oriented compatibility testing service adequately improves the users’ experience as it saves their time and provides them what they want.

    What Types of Compatibility Testing Services We Offer?

    As a leading compatibility testing services provider, we offer a range of compatibility testing, accomplishing a single need of the client. However, a customer’s negative review slows down the company’s growth; thus, we offer you potential services with great support that prevent you from loss of customers and revenues. We reveal an authentic and innovative strategy to check the compatibility of the software in several conditions and cases.

    With our compatibility testing services, you can avail of a number of benefits; we potentially increase the company’s production by boosting software’s speed, versatility and quality performance. Here you can get a range of compatibility testings that stimulate the company’s growth and success rate.

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    Hardware Compatibility Test
    We provide you with excellent security testing services, ensuring that you wouldn’t lose your potential customer as we offer reliable security testing services. Your sensitive business data is paramount to security. It makes customers rely on you; thus, we make sure to build a reputable image of your business by providing exceptional security testing services.
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    Operating System
    It’s significant for software to work smoothly on various operating systems. With the compatibility test, we ensure great performance and function of the software on operating systems like Unix, Mac OS, Windows, etc.
    software icon
    This test allows us to evaluate the compatibility of the software to other software. It enables the application to meet several specifications such as MS word application should be compatible with other softwares such as MS Outlook, MS Excel, VBA etc. We are guaranteed to provide software that meets every need.
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    It’s critical for an application to perform smoothly on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. With this test, we make top functioning and performance of the software on different browsing sites.
    Devices Icon
    People are using many devices to avail of the software; thus, we offer compatibility tests ensuring a supreme performance of the software with USB port devices, Bluetooth, scanners, printers and other media devices.
    version control icon
    It’s critical to evaluate the software compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 7 SP2, Windows 7 SP3 and many more. It enhances the user’s experience and software’s functionality.
    network icon
    Softwares and applications must be compatible with different network modes and stand on the parameters of different networks such as Operating speed, Bandwidth, Capacity. It maximises the software’s versatility.
    icon of AB testing
    Backward and Forward Testing
    We use both backward and forward compatibility testing services to ensure quality software. By both these processes, we evaluate the software performance on various platforms and match it with the new versions.
    Testing Methodology

    Our Innovative Methodology

    Unlike other security testing companies, we don’t work the same, and we follow an authentic approach to find out a single key security hack and strengthen the weak branches of your software security with our technology-oriented Security Testing Services.

    With the pool of intelligent, certified, and professional hackers, we perform OSSTMM, OWASP, and many more methodologies that prevent you from exploitation. Furthermore, we use various security vulnerabilities detecting tools like ZAP, Burp suit, etc. that make you up to date with existing and future coming susceptibilities and software hacks.

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