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Are Intranets Still Relevant for Your Organization? – Devstringx

A very straight answer to this is Yes!

It’s been over a decade since the intranet is used by companies for communication.

Do you know why the intranet is still relevant even after decades of using it? Well, there are several reasons for this.

Following are the top reasons why this type of network system is still prevailing in the workplaces:

1) Improves Social Interaction Within An Organization

As per trusted sources and surveys, over 56% of all companies around the globe prefer a workplace with a strong social environment.

Even today the real challenge is to keep a healthy and social environment inside an organization. But with a local and personal network system, this problem is taken care of.

Also, managing employees at different levels inside an organization is still a huge challenge faced by most companies.

However, with the help of an intranet, you can make communication and social interaction between the employees quicker and simpler irrespective of their posts.

2) Reduce Hassle From The Employee’s End

In normal organizations where that do not use any personal network system, sending out a message to a boss is nothing but a hassle in itself.

An employee has to think at least 100 times before running to the boss and play the scenario in their heads again and again to face them.

What if we tell you that you can eliminate this whole process just by a single text message on your portal?

You will not have to wait for 2 to 3 days to get in touch with your boss and get their approval.

And say that you need a file and only your colleague knows its actual location. You need the file urgently but they are sitting in a meeting that will take long hours to finish. What shall you do in such cases?

A single text on your portal will work. Yes, just a single message and you can get the location of the file you wanted to access.

This will also help in building their team spirit as the employees feel that they are a vital part of the team which improves their team spirit.

3) Easy Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the factors offered by the intranet that can never go out of date.

Even now, accessing data from your colleague or a fellow employee is a challenge for seniors or juniors.

This might keep the file hanging for a long while resulting in delayed results for a task that can be turned within 2 seconds.

Hence, the feature of a personalized network system to avoid any such situation and provide extreme efficiency makes it evergreen and relevant at all times.

4) Data Security

With different storage systems and network systems, you realize that your data is in danger of getting lost or being misused by the wrong officials.

This terror constantly haunts the organization’s directors, employees, as well as clients.

There are various types of data produced in an organization that is meant to be kept confidential. To support this notion, the intranet allows you to keep your data secure and safe.

Only selected people or employees belonging to an organization will get access to this network system. This will ensure that your data is only accessed by the people to whom you have given the access.

Also, each user is provided with a unique username and ID that helps you to determine breaches in your security (if any because that’s not how the intranet works!) in an easier manner.

Each member of your team will be provided with a unique username and ID with which they can enter into your system.

5) Employee Engagement

It is important to manage and monitor various aspects while working with a team. One of the most important aspects is how much time each employee is spending on a certain project or task.

You must be thinking what should we do, employ another person to look over the working time of the employees?

Well, you need not do that the old-fashioned way.

Intranet is here for your rescue from such situations. You can monitor accurate engagement time spent by the employees on your system while performing a task.

This will help you to analyze their efficiency. The actual amount of time a certain project takes to be completed. This will help you in further calculating the actual cost of the project.

All in all, it can be said that Intranet is a safe and secure bet. As you know, every concept comes with pros and cons associated with its working style, efficiency, and other parameters.

If you are wondering what are the benefits of using a personal network system in your organization. Keep your eyes on the screen and don’t miss the next segment.

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