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Parallel Execution

What is Parallel Execution in Selenium? – Devstringx

In parallel testNG or parallel execution, we can run numerous tests at the same time in different threads so that it can reduce the execution time. Where test cases are run on numerous browsers or operating systems. Basically, parallel execution [...]

Apache POI - Java

How to Read & Write Data Using Apache POI – JAVA | Devstringx

Apache POI is a Java API to read and write Documents in .xls and .xlsx formats. It contains classes and interfaces. An Apache POI library provides two implementations to read an excel file:Horrible Spreadsheet Format (HSSF) Implementation: It’s an API that [...]

Retrieve Test Data from Json

Retrieve Test Data from Json file in C# Selenium Framework | Devstringx

When we write an automation framework one of the many challenges is to use test data in our test scripts. One way is to hardcode the test data in our test scripts but this approach is not extensible, what [...]

Selenium Test Automation

How to Process Java Script Executor in Selenium Test Automation | Devstringx

Methods of Selenium Query Selector QuerySelector() method in HTML DOM is used to find the first HTML Element.This method function is similar to findElement() in selenium. Syntax:  document.querySelector(selector)QuerySelectorAll() method in HTML DOM is used to return the list of HTML Elements. It [...]