inNUnit Selenium Framework

Integrate Extent Report with Screenshots inNUnit Selenium Framework (.NET Core).

Setting up Visual Studio 1. Download the latest version of Visual Studio. 2. Select NUnit 3 Test project. 3. Give a project name and click next. 4. As we are creating a selenium framework, we need selenium packages and browsers driver. If you [...]

Generating Excel File in Angular 9 using “ExcelJs”

Generating Excel File in Angular 9 using “ExcelJs” with Custom Font Family

Creating a new Angular Project Let’s create a new Angular project using the Angular CLI tool by running/executing the following angular CLI command ng new export-to-excel Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes Which stylesheet format would you like to use? SCSS What’s [...]

How to build CRUD API

How to build CRUD API using Flask, MYSQL

Prerequisites: 1. Python3. 2. MYSQL server downloaded and ready to run. 3. Flask. Setting Up Our Back-end Environment: We need to run the following commands to install the library: pip install flask_restplus pip install flask pip install MySQL Pip is a package installer for Python and it comes [...]