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How Automated Software Testing Can Benefit Your Company? – DS

Crafting a product demands more than effort – it requires attention to the details, like testing. Even when developing on a budget, companies should prioritize quality assurance through tests and assessments to ensure their products meet industry standards. Devoting [...]

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WebDriverIo (Selenium JavaScript) Automation Testing – Devstringx

Intro to JavaScript, Selenium, and WebDriverIoJavaScript is a text-based programming language used on both client and server-side, that allows you to create interactive elements on your web page. Selenium is an open-source automated testing framework that is used to validate [...]

Selenium Test Automation

How to Process Java Script Executor in Selenium Test Automation | Devstringx

Methods of Selenium Query SelectorQuerySelector() method in HTML DOM is used to find the first HTML Element. This method function is similar to findElement() in selenium. Syntax:  document.querySelector(selector)QuerySelectorAll() method in HTML DOM is used to return the list of HTML [...]

API testing with REST Assured

How To Learn About API testing with REST Assured | Devstringx

API’s (Application programming interface) plays important role in development. An application programming interface is an interface that defines interactions between multiple software. API’s are an essential part of any software that is why it becomes necessary to test APIs manually [...]

Robot Framework and Features

Robot Framework and Features | Automation Framework | Devstringx

About Robot Framework and Some of its Core Features Robot Framework is a generic open-source automation framework. It can be used for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA). Some Features 1. Easy for beginners 2. Simple Tabular Syntax 3. Data-driven Test Cases 4. Generic [...]