How to Automate Application Using Cypress Frameworks? – Devstringx

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How to Automate Application Using Cypress Frameworks? – Devstringx

In Today’s era of technology a lot of applications are developed day by day and to check these applications a lot of testing technology is available in the market. Actually When any application is developed firstly check if it works fine and checks are it able to produce the output that we want so to get this we need to check manually and by automation.

What Is Automation?

Automation Testing is an approach to verifying the applications by writing the test script using various tools and comparing actual and expected results.

There are so many Automation tools that provide their service in different ways some are for mobile applications and some are for web applications.

What Is a Cypress?

Cypress is an automation Framework that is used for a web applications. Cypress is defined as simple as a next-generation front-end testing tool constructed for the modern web. it is used node.js and comes with packages as an npm module. It uses JavaScript for writing tests. But most of the coding is done using the Cypress inbuild features, which are also bundled with Jquery (js).

What Makes Cypress A Unique Tool to Others?

  • Its ‘delivery is high-speed and reliable execution as compared to other tools because it’s an architectural design.
  • Flake Resistant – In Cypress automation waits for commands and assertions before moving on. There are no more async issues.
  • Auto reload acts as a real user
  • Fast,<20 ms response time
  • Free and Open Source.
  • Debuggability – it allows the facility to debugger line-by-line code so the readability of code is more and understandability is also.
  • Provide Facility of screenshot – It provides screenshots of code line by line so that the understandability of the code more than other Automation frameworks
  • Provide Facility of VideoRecording – It allows the facility to record the test which helps in going through it.

Architecture of Cypress

The architecture of Cypress is much different from other tools, like selenium. In Selenium Web Driver architecture, Selenium webDriver API enables interaction between browsers and browsers driver. this architecture consists of four layers of communication, like Selenium client library, JSON   Wire Protocol, Browser Drivers, and Browsers. But in Cypress engine operates inside the browser. It enables Cypress to listen and modify the browser behavior at run time by manipulating DOM and altering network requests and responses on the fly.

 Selenium Architecture

Browser Driver

Cypress Architecture

Image of

Cypress Installation

Installing Cypress is pretty simple and easy. The framework offers two options to install Cypress.

  • Command line tool
  • Desktop Application

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Resources Required to Create a Cypress Framework

Image to download Visual Code

  • Download Node Js: Download the Node Js and install it.

Image to Download NodeJs

  • Check whether node js install or not use the command
  • node-v
  • npm-v

NodeJs Command Image

  • Create Project 
  • Open the Visual Studio
  • Click on Terminal
  • Open terminal
  • Create Project Folder
  • Use the command to create a folder
  • mkdir Yadavcypress
  • Come into the folder
  • cd Yadavcypress

Download the Cypress Using the Command

  • npm install cypress –save-dev

Cypress Automation

Open the folder manually

Type command for Initialize the project

  • npm init

YadavCypress Image

Visual Studio Terminal Image

  • Create folders
  • cypress
  • fixtures
  • integrations
  • downloads

Open the cypress.config.js file and set the path of the project

Test.JS Image

const { defineConfig } = require("cypress");

module.exports = defineConfig({
e2e: {
    setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
      // implement node event listeners here
    specPattern :'Integrations/*.js'

Cypress Runner (open the cypress Dashboard )

  • npx cypress open


Welcome to Cyress

Cypress Configuration file image

Image of Choose browser in Cypress

  • Write the First Test Case in Cypress
  • Save to test.js
describe('my first testsuite',function()

    it('my firstTest',function ()
       cy.get('[data-testid="email"]').type("[email protected]")

When we run the tests its debugs line-by-line code  and executes the test

Testsuite HRMS

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Report Generated like

Type command

  • npx cypress run

Run Starting Testsuite

package.json Image

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