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Ultimate Guide On GitLab CI Automation Testing Tool – Devstringx

In this blog, we learn how to automate and execute test cases on the Gitlab pipeline step by step using selenium java. Prerequisite:You must be familiar with the Selenium-Java concepts. You have an eclipse, JDK, maven, and git installed on your [...]


How to Use Cucumber Automation Testing Tool | Devstringx

Cucumber is a tool that supports BDD (Behaviour Data-Driven). By using cucumber, we can write test scripts in a way that anybody can understand even if the person is non-technical can understand that what’s going in the test script. [...]

Behaviour Driven Development Testing

Ultimate Guide On Behavior Driven Development Testing | Devstringx

Behaviour Driven Development( BDD) is a software development process that priorities collaboration among engineers and developers. It is an application and is often called an extension of the Test-Driven Development (TDD) software development process that is driven by the behavior [...]