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A Brief & Quick Tutorial On Playwright Testing Tool – Devstringx

What Is Playwright Tool? Developed by Microsoft, Playwright is a Node.js library that automates Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit using a single API. These APIs can be used by developers writing JavaScript code to create new pages in the browser, access [...]

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What Is Cucumber? A Detail Guide On Cucumber Testing Tool – Devstringx

To Understand what is Cucumber, we must first understand What Is Behaviour Driver Development (BDD)? What Is BDD? BDD is one of the Development approaches which involves the usage of a common language that enhances communication between various tech and non-tech [...]

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Create Test Using Record, Manual & Script View In Katalon – Devstringx

What Is Katalon Studio? Katalon is a free automation testing tool, which helps us to create different types of automation tests. Katalon Studio is a complete web and mobile automation testing tool which extends the capabilities of selenium and Appium. [...]

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Introduction of Cypress A Test Automation Tool – Devstringx

Introduction of Cypress Tool Cypress is an open-source and free test automation tool, It is mainly used for front-end automation. Cypress helps to achieve the following −Configure tests Configure tests Execute tests Identify errors (if any)Selenium and Cypress are compared in terms of [...]


Ultimate Guide On GitLab CI Automation Testing Tool – Devstringx

In this blog, we learn how to automate and execute test cases on the Gitlab pipeline step by step using selenium java. PrerequisiteYou must be familiar with the Selenium-Java concepts. You have eclipse, JDK, maven, and git installed on your system. You [...]


How to Use Cucumber Automation Testing Tool | Devstringx

Cucumber Automation Testing Tool Cucumber is a tool that supports BDD (Behaviour Data-Driven). By using cucumber, we can write test scripts in a way that anybody can understand even if the person is non-technical, and can understand what’s going on [...]

Behaviour Driven Development Testing

Ultimate Guide On Behavior Driven Development Testing | Devstringx

Behaviour Driven Development( BDD) is a software development process that prioritizes collaboration among engineers and developers. It is an application and is often called an extension of the Test-Driven Development (TDD) software development process that is driven by the [...]

Automation Testing with Cypress

Introduction to Automation Testing with Cypress for the Modern Web

About Cypress Cypress is a front-end automation tool created for the modern web. Cypress is built using new architecture and it runs in the same run-loop as the application under test. This results in Cypress providing better, faster, and more [...]