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Step-by-Step Full Guide To Regression Testing Guidelines – Devstringx

What is regression testing? Simply put, regression testing is a type of software testing that verifies whether a previously developed and tested software still performs accurately after it has been changed or updated. In other words, it is a [...]

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All About Java Streams and Its Methods With Example – Devstringx

Table of ContentsWhat Is Java Stream?Some Key Features of Java Stream1)Map2)Filter Operation3)Sorted4)Collect5)Foreach6)Reduce What Is Java Stream?Java stream introduced in Java 8 Stream is nothing but a collection of strings It is a sequence of objects that supports various methods which can be [...]

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How to do API Testing Using Rest Assured?- Devstringx

Table of ContentsWhat Is Rest API?What Is Rest Assured?Getting Started with Framework CreationAdding The Required Dependencies in the ProjectSelecting the Appropriate Method What Is Rest API? Rest stands for Representational state transfer. It’s an architectural style that defines a set of [...]

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Selenium Grid 3 versus Selenium Grid 4 – Devstringx

Table of ContentsHow Does Selenium Grid Work?Why Should a Person Think About Utilizing Selenium Grid?How Exactly Does the Selenium Grid Operate?Selenium Grid 3 Vs Selenium Grid 4 Go Head-to-HeadSelenium Grid 4 Can be Configured In a Variety of WaysUsage [...]

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Types of Manual Testing – Devstringx

Table of ContentsWhat Is Manual Testing?Types of Manual TestingSmoke TestingCross-Browser TestingAcceptance TestingBeta TestingExploratory TestingNegative Testing What Is Manual Testing? Test cases are manually executed during the software testing process without the use of an automated tool, which is referred to as [...]

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Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing – Devstringx

Table of ContentsWhat Is Smoke Testing?What Is Sanity Testing?Smoke Testing Vs Sanity TestingAn Example of The Difference Between Smoke and Sanity Testing is as FollowsImportant PointsFAQs What Is Smoke Testing? Smoke testing is a kind of software testing used after a [...]

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Complete Step by Step Detail Guide On Functional Testing – Devstringx

Table of ContentsFunctional TestingWhat Is Functional Testing?Functional Testing ProcessTypes of Functional TestingFunctional Testing ToolsWhat are the Best Practices in Functional Testing?Conclusion Functional Testing If you’re new to software development, you might be wondering what functional testing is and why it’s important. [...]

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What Is Sanity Testing? – Devstringx

Table of ContentsWhat Is Sanity Testing?Sanity Testing FeaturesHow to Run Sanity Tests?An Example of a Sanity TestingBenefits of Sanity TestingAdvantages of Sanity TestingDisadvantages of Sanity TestingFew Points About Sanity TestingConclusion What Is Sanity Testing? Software testing plays an important role in [...]

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How to Integrate the Sonarqube with Spring Boot? – Devstringx

Table of ContentsSpring BootSetup of Third-Party Application Create a Spring Boot Application With Spring InitializrCreate a Project in Sonarqube Spring Boot Spring boot is a java based framework that is used to develop web services. It provided many functionalities like Autowire, [...]