Codeigniter 4 With JWT

Learn About API testing with REST Assured | Devstringx

Installation:- Step1: Install the composer Step2: Install the Codeigniter 4 There are two ways to install the Codeigniter 4 Way 1: create-project codeigniter4/app starter codeigniter4POC Way 2: Visit the below link and download the Codeigniter 4 structure Step3: run composer update from the project root terminal Step4: create [...]


How to Use Cucumber Automation Testing Tool | Devstringx

Cucumber is a tool that supports BDD (Behaviour Data-Driven). By using cucumber, we can write test scripts in a way that anybody can understand even if the person is non-technical can understand that what’s going in the test script. [...]

API testing with REST Assured

How To Learn About API testing with REST Assured | Devstringx

API’s (Application programming interface) plays important role in development. An application programming interface is an interface that defines interactions between multiple software. API’s are an essential part of any software that is why it becomes necessary to test APIs manually [...]

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation Using Appium Python | Devstringx

With the following steps, you can setup Appium in Pycharm Step 1: Install PythonGo to the link Download the latest version for windows Add Python path in a user variableStep 2: Install Pycharm Community EditionGo to the link ““ Download community edition for windowsStep [...]

NUnit Selenium Framework

Integrate Extent Report with in NUnit Selenium Framework Screenshots | Devstringx

Setting up Visual StudioDownload the latest version of Visual Studio. Select NUnit 3 Test project.3. Give a project name and click next.4. As we are creating a selenium framework, we need selenium packages and browsers driver. If you are familiar with [...]

Excel File in Angular 9

Generating Excel File in Angular 9 using “ExcelJs” with Custom Font Family | Devstringx

Creating A New Angular Project Let’s create a new Angular project using the Angular CLI tool by running/executing the following angular CLI commandng new export-to-excel Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes Which stylesheet format would you like to use? SCSSWhat’s [...]

What is Clickjacking

What is Clickjacking | Clickjacking Attack & Mitigation | Devstringx

What is a Clickjacking Attack? Clickjacking is a security testing type attack that finds tricks to trick a user into clicking a webpage element that is not visible or disguised as a different element. This can cause users to unwittingly [...]