What is Interface Testing? Types, Strategy And Tools

The testing that is done to verify the interface functionality is called Interface testing that is defined as a software testing type which verifies whether the communication between two different software systems is done correctly.  Common Components of Interface Testing [...]

How to build CRUD API

How to build CRUD API using Flask, MYSQL

Prerequisites:1. Python3. 2. MYSQL server downloaded and ready to run. 3. Flask.   Setting Up Our Back-end Environment: We need to run the following commands to install the library: pip install flask_restplus pip install flask pip install mysql Pip is a package installer for Python and it comes [...]

How to install Codeigniter 4

How to Install CodeIgniter4

Codeigniter 4 the lightweight framework of PHP with small footprints. There is not too much configuration required to run. It is not required to use the command line in Codeigniter. Requirements:Php 7.2 (min) Extensions (*intl* extension,*mbstring* extension) Database – MySQL Localhost server (xampp, [...]


Create Script Test In TestComplete Using Python For Web Application

In TestComplete there are two ways to create a script:Record a script test.Write a script test manually in the Code Editor in TestComplete.Let’s Begin, First we need to create a new project by following below steps:Click  File -> New->New [...]

LambdaTest - Cross Browser Testing Tool

LambdaTest – Cross Browser Testing Tool

LambdaTest is a Cross Browser Testing Cloud. It allows testers and developers to do cross browser testing on 100+ browsers and Operating System in different resolutions of screen. Also It allows to test on the latest mobile phones and [...]

Introduction to WinAppDriver

Introduction to WinAppDriver – Free Test Automation Tool

What is WinAppDriver Tool? Microsoft Windows Application Driver (called WinAppDriver) is a service to support Windows Application tools similar to Selenium. It is supported on machines running Windows 10 operating system (Home and Pro) and Windows Server 2016, and it supports [...]