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UI Path: Installation, Features, Components, Benefits – DS

Tutorial On UiPath

UI Path is a popular and robust platform that enables the development and deployment of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. The platform offers a visual designer interface for building automation workflows, which can implement without coding knowledge. It widely uses in industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, and insurance to automate repetitive tasks, save time and reduce human error.  it is clear that Ui Path will continue to play a significant role in the automation industry.

How to Install UiPath Community Edition?

Step 1

  • Open URL “https://www.uipath.com
  • Click “Try Uipath Free”

UI Path DashboardStep 2

  • Signup with your email Id
  • Once the account is successfully logged in then you will get a link to “Download UiPath Studio”
  • Download the Ui path
  • Once the file is downloaded Run the setup file and install it
  • When it will ask for licenses, select the community which is free
  • Close all Chrome browsers if opened on the screen
  • Click on Install

UIPath Setup imageSteps to Automate Browser

  • Once the Ui path Studio successfully installs
  • Click on Start in the left-side menu
  • Select New
  • Enter the Process name and Description
  • Click on Create button
images to Automate browser

Ways to Automate

Below we shared 02 ways to automate the browser:-

1) Click on the App/Web Recorder button in the Top bar

  • Perform the step on the browser which needs to be automated.
  • Click on the Run button.

Way to automate UIPath2) Manually Step by Step

  • Enter “browser” in the search text field.
  • Drop and Drag “Use Application/Browser” into the main window.
  • Application browser in UIPathKeep the Chrome browser open in the background and then on a path click on Indicate application to automate.
  • It will highlight the Chrome browser window just select that.
  • Enter the URL –https://www.google.com/  in Browser URL.
  • Maximize the windows.
  • maximize uipath windowsDrag and Drop Type info.
  • image of Type info of UiPathClick on Indicate in Chrome’s new tab then it will open the Google search field select that.
  • image of browser new tabEnter “Devstringx Technology” in the text field and select Enter from the dropdown.
  • So now your sequence is ready to run.
  • image of uipath designAll the activity of the browser can be managed in properties like close browser, timeout, incognito, etc.

image of browser activity UiPath

Components of UI Path

Checkout the 03 main components of UI Path:-

  • UiPath Studio

It is an advanced tool that helps you to design automation processes in a visual manner by using simple Drag and drop functionality.

  • UiPath Robot

It is a task completely performed by robots. Robots execute the strategies built-in studio, just like humans. It is a beneficial component because humans have more essential work than repetitive jobs, so this comes in handy to achieve any regular task and saves time and labor costs, which is the reason Let’s concern part of this Tool.

  • UiPath Orchestrator

It is used for web automation that enables us to deploy, schedule, monitor, and manage Robots and Processes. This component works like our Alarm, which reminds us that we set them.

Benefits of Using UI Path Automation

image of uipath benefitsConclusion

  • UiPath Studio tool which automates repetitive office tasks.
  • UiPath studio is with three different product suites:
    1) UiPath Studio
    2) UiPath Robot
    3) UiPath Orchestrator
  • This can hosts anywhere like cloud environments or virtual terminals.
  • UiPath offers advanced screen-scrapping solutions.
  • Important components of UiPath Studio are:
    1) The Ribbon
    2) The Universal Search Bar
    3) The Activities Panel
    4) The Library Panel
    5) The Project Panel
  • RPA tools UiPath exceeds existing technology in areas like Desktop automation, Remote applications, Data handling techniques, Scrapping technique, etc.


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