Fintech and Techfin: Which is the Future of Banking?

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Fintech and Techfin: Which is the Future of Banking?

The Differences Between FinTech and TechFin

The finance and banking sectors have experienced a significant technological wave in the form of Fintech and TechFin. Both evolutionary technology terms Fintech and TechFin belong to the same niche.

But they are not similar to each other. They use different technology in different ways. Fintech has been working in the industry for many years. Banks and financial firms are changing their financial services with different Fintech solutions.

On the other hand, TechFin is slowly developing and has begun to transform the financial and banking market globally.

According to research, nearly 40% of financial activities like digital payments, revenue management, cash withdrawal, etc are automated.

Consequently, Fintech and TechFin are introducing remarkable changes in financial processes and creating new opportunities for banks and financial service providers.

So now the question is Fintech and Techfin which is the future of banking. In this article, we are going to discuss this in detail.

Fintech: What Is It?

Fintech is the integration of finance and digital technologies for offering financial services to customers. Fintech refers to the software or applications that intend to digitalize or simplify financial operations or activities.

It enables companies, banks, business owners, financial institutions, and customers to handle their financial-related things effectively through software, web, or mobile applications.

TechFin: What Is It?

TechFin is an assortment of technology and finance. It is a technology company or service that comes into the economic sector to provide finance-related products and services.

The primary area of TechFin company is the technology domain. However, they provide reliable financial solutions incorporated into their ecosystem. The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma first coined the term TechFin. Some good instances of TechFin are Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple.

How would Fintech and TechFin Affect the Future of Banking and Finance? 

There is a competitive tussle between Fintech and Techfin which has a great impact on the global banking and financial market. The two have brought drastic changes in financial services.

The demand for fintech app development and other technology solutions has been growing as banks and Fintech companies are taking up digital solutions such as web, software, and mobile apps in their economic works. That is why the future of banking and finance will experience a new wave of change very soon. The reasons are given below:

1) Digitization of Financial Products and Services

In this digitized era, customers now prefer to use banking and financial reduction on their mobiles. The banks and fintech firms have therefore been compelled to develop customer-centric financial solutions like fintech apps, digital-only banking apps, mobile payment apps,  etc. Digital Payments

Contemporary customers have become tech-savvy and they want to get quick and convenient payment facilities. Now you can make payments anywhere with the help of a single click only from your mobile. People are now able to pay for a wide range of financial products or services such as loans, bills, investments, stocks, purchases, and more.

2) High-End Security

Security is one of the most important concerns for customers. Techfin overtakes Fintech sometimes for security. People prefer to use financial services provided by Techfin as the TechFin firms are tech giants and have high resources and technical knowledge.

That is why, the use of Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay is increasing compared to fintech-based payment apps. Besides this, with the development of crypto exchange, P2P payment, and cryptocurrency, the necessity for high-end security has also improved. Fintech and banking institutions have to take assistance from the top mobile app development firm from Noida, India or IT firm for developing high-end security features.

Nonetheless, TechFin firms are tech giants and they gave their large-scale ecosystem for high security. Therefore, with the increasing concern for security, fintech, and TechFin will both manage to introduce better security features for banking and financial services.

3) Data Analytics

Data plays a significant role in the era of digital transformation. Whenever a bank, SME, or industry, organization look for data analytics for understanding their customer better and deriving useful business insights. Banks and fintech startups commonly have to put additional effort into amassing data and getting analytics solutions.

Whereas, TechFins like Google, Apple, and Meta already have a large customer base, so they easily attain huge data and get analytics. Nonetheless, a lot of fintech apps like  Robinhood, Revolut, and Acorns have also attained large consumers and millions of users. Hence, the competition to obtain large data analytics between fintech and TechFin will have a significant impact on banking and economic services.


So, although Fintech and Techfin are two different industries, they are connected very closely and they have gained huge popularity now. The two fields encourage the creation of a Fintech app development company of digital goods and services that can be utilized to improve financial operations from payment processing to investment management. Before choosing which one is appropriate for you, you need to assess your demands very carefully as they both have some advantages and disadvantages. FinTech or TechFin is no doubt an amazing option for assisting you in meeting your business goals if the technological understanding and financial savvy are perfectly balanced.


1.    What is the main difference between Fintech and TechFin?

Fintech is economic technology where non-technical organizations or businesses provide financial products or services by using technology. TechFin is a technology company that develops its service in the finance sector.

2.    Which is better: Fintech or TechFin?

The two domains have unique abilities and objectives. In some cases, Fintech stands out better than TechFin. While in other cases, TechFin surpasses Fintech. So the application of fintech and TechFin varies as per the use case.

3.    How to find the right company for developing applications for my fintech startup idea?

The best company keeps years of proven experience in constructing fintech apps with a good track record of delivering successful projects. They have authorized developers and a dutiful team of experts who possess qualified skills in using modern technologies. So, while choosing a company that can assist you in creating an application for your fintech startup idea, you must consider these factors.

4.    How much does it cost to build a FinTech application?

There is no exact value for the cost of fintech app development. It depends on different factors like app size, number of features, APIs, and more. The best way is to consult a professional fintech app development company and get a quote as per your specific project requirements.

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