Making DB Connection (MYSQL) Using C# – Devstringx

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Making DB Connection (MYSQL) Using C# – Devstringx

In this blog going to explain how to connect the MYSQL database to C#.

First, ensure you have downloaded and introduced the MySQL Connector/NET from the MySQL official site. In this blog, I will utilize the Connector/NET form 6.1.

To interface MySQL information base to a C# application, MySQL gives a progression of classes in the MySQL Connector/Net. All the correspondence between a C# application and the MySQL server is directed through a MySqlConnection Object. Along these lines, before your application can speak with the server, it should launch, arrange, and open a MySqlConnection object.

MySQL is a main open-source data set administration framework. It is a multi-client, multithreaded information base administration framework. Download MySQL Connector/Net

Download MySQL Connector/Net

It can be downloaded from the Mysql developer website free of cost.

Add Reference

Before we start to connect our application to MySql Database, We need to add the MySQL Reference in our project. To do this, right-click on the project name, choose Add Reference, then choose “MySql.Data” from the list.

system data

After that under the reference right click on System.Data.SqlXml

Solution Explore

And then select copy local value as “true”



using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Test_Automation


    internal class DatabaseConnectionwithCsharp


        // Main Method

        static public void Main(String[] args)


            string server = "localhost";

            string database = "testdb";

            string username = "root";

            string password = "password";

            string connectionstring = "SERVER=" + server + ";" + "DATABASE=" + database + ";" + "UID=" + username + ";" + "PASSWORD=" + password + ";";

            MySqlConnection connection = new MySqlConnection(connectionstring);





Explanation of variables declared in the program

  • Server: It indicates where our server is hosted, in our case, it’s localhost.
  • Database: It is the name of the database we will use, in our case it’s the database we already created earlier which is testdb.
  • Username: It is our MySQL username.
  • Password: It is our MySQL password.
  • Connectionstring: It contains the connection string to connect to the database, and will be assigned to the connection variable.
  • Connection.Open(); : It opens the Connection.

In this Blog, I demonstrated the Making connection between the MYSQL database to C#.

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