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What Is Codeigniter In PHP and Its Benefits? – Devstringx

What Is Codeigniter? CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, designed for PHP coders who need a simple and sophisticated toolkit to create fully functional web applications. CodeIgniter might be a good choice if you’re a [...]

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SQL Query Optimization to Improve Performance – Devstringx

Problem: High CPU utilization and CPU memory consumptionThe performance plays a vital role in our application to run our online business smoothly, doing  SQL query optimization is tricky, but necessary practice for database professionals. It requires looking at various [...]

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What Is The Angular Development and The Various Features of Angular?

From social media to healthcare, e-commerce to online banking, billions of people around the world use web and mobile apps for almost everything. The app is convenient, useful in daily life, and has a seamless user experience and interface. [...]

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What is Spring Boot in Java ? Spring Boot Crud Operations

Agenda In this blog, we are going to talk about the following points:-What is Spring Boot?Spring Boot Application ArchitectureWhy Spring Boot?Some important Annotation of Spring bootLet’s set up a Spring Boot applicationSome Important Dependency for Spring Boot ProjectEntityRepositoryServiceControllerHelper ConstantRouterWhat is Spring [...]

React Developer Basic Roles

React Developer Basic Roles and Responsibilities – Devstringx

  What are the main responsibilities of a React developer? Let’s take a look at what React developers do in the software development lifecycle. A successful business requires leveraging digital and online presence. The most effective way to expand your customer [...]

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What are the Benefits of Hiring React Developers Through a Software Company?

React developers have been a big challenge over the past few years. The number and quality of JavaScript engineers are steadily increasing, but not all experts are familiar with React Development Services and React development tools. Imagine spending a few [...]

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Digital Signature Implementation Using Angular 2 Signaturepad – Devstringx

Create A New Angular Project Use the Angular CLI tool to create an Angular project. Execute the following command to create the project. –        ng new signaturePadProject –        Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes –        Which stylesheet format would you like [...]