Best Test Data Management Tools for Anyone in 2024 – DS

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Best Test Data Management Tools for Anyone in 2024 – DS

The software goes through multiple processes before coming into use. It starts as an idea, and after going through the design and development processes, it finally comes out as full-fledged software. However, a step remains essential if you want your software to perform well on users’ devices. It is called the software testing phase.

The software testing phase is crucial to keep any software bug-free. However, test tools need data created throughout the process from various sources to develop a practical test.

Here comes the role of test data management tools. However, choosing the right one is a task that you have to perform.

What is a Test Data Management Tool?

Before you go through the best test data management tools, here’s a description of what a test data management tool is.

A test data management tool takes data from multiple sources created throughout the development process. It helps in the management of this data and forms a subset of this data to use for creating a test environment.

The benefit of TDM or test data management tools is that it helps to create realistic test scenarios. Moreover, test Data management tools are also considered safe as these tools mask the sensitive data from the data in the data superset.

Now, let’s discuss some of the best test data management tools to help you significantly reduce your development time.

Top 10 Test Data Management Tools

1) Testsigma

Image of Testsigma tool

Testsigma is one of the best test data management tools that offer a plethora of features. It is known for its simplified UI, making it easy for enterprises to use. Another advantage of using testsigma is its variety of testing and coverage options, which didn’t let any functional or nonfunctional feature escape testing.

Features of testsigma

  • Testsigma is very flexible in terms of importing data from various sources. It allows importing and managing test data from sources like Excel, CSV, and any other file type.
  • Testsigma has an insights dashboard for efficient management of test data. You can edit the dashboard according to your requirements and see what you want to see.
  • With testsigma, you can create a test once and reuse it as many times as you want.

2) K2View

Image of k2View tool image

When listing the top test data management tools, it can’t be completed without including the K2View. It is a very cost-effective platform for data management. Moreover, the popularity of K2View can be estimated by the number of data queries executed daily, which is more than 5 billion.

Features of K2View

  • K2View is compatible with many clouds and can be integrated in various ways.
  • It allows the import of data from more than one source. You can add and manage test data in almost any format.
  • K2View syncs data in real-time and also provides access in real-time.

3) Tricentis

Image of Tricentis tool

Tricentis is among the best test data management tools, which underlines and solves some of the most common problems of test data management. Tricentis has a well-built structure which aligns the whole development team with the operations, tools required and all the tests planned for software.

Features of Tricentis

  • Tricentis offers seamless integration with the JIRA cloud, making it the most accessible test data management tool for JIRA.
  • It has a visual test data management dashboard to keep everything reachable from a single place.
  • Tricentis offers a paid version called qTest Enterprise for enterprise-level services. It allows the test data management for multiple software at once.

4) DTM Data Generator

image of DTM tool

DTM Data Generator is an open-source test data management tool. It allows you to generate realistic test data for various databases and formats. It is designed to simplify creating and populating test databases with meaningful data.

Features of DTM Data Generator

  • DTM supports various data sources, including relational databases, text files, and Excel spreadsheets.
  • It provides options for defining data patterns and relationships.
  • DTM allows for data export in various formats.

5) IBM Infosphere OptimTest Data Management

image of IBM Optim Tool


IBM Optim is a top test data management tool from the house of IBM. It is developed to optimize and automate your test data management process. IBM Optimis known for its security and the speed of acting and dealing with the whole test data management process. Moreover, it is also known for its scalability and adaptability with your software.

Features of IBM Optim

  • IBM Option automates the process of analytical comparison to save time for your team.
  • IBM Optim is a secured test data management tool as it complies with over 40 data privacy rules and 30 data classifications.
  • It can create production-level test cases which will accurately measure all the aspects of your software.

6) Data Express

Image of Data Express management tool

Data Express is a one-time solution for your whole software development process and beyond. It offers test generations with exact real-life environments that will save 80% of your time. It has a secured portal for your test data, keeping it safe from unauthorized access.

Features of Data Express

  • Data Express is developed to save a lot of bandwidth, storage and processing.
  • It can take data from multiple sources to produce the test environments flawlessly.
  • It has a feature to mast the sensitive and hide it from end to end.

7) Apigee Test Data Manager

image of Apigee tool

Apigee TDM is an open-source test data management tool for API testing. It helps create, manage, and automate test data provisioning for API testing scenarios.

Features of Apigee

  • Apigee supports API data masking and data generation.
  • It allows for the creation of reusable data profiles.
  • You can integrate Apigee with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • It provides APIs for programmatic access and automation.


Image of AVO iTDM tool

AVO Automation is among the market leaders in the software testing industry. AVO has its own test data management tool called AVO iTDM. It is one of the best choices if you are trying to find open-source test data management tools. Moreover, iTDM provides security to even the lowest level of your test data.

Features of AVO iTDM

  • You can integrate custom modules with iTDM as it comes with an open architecture.
  • It gives you a detailed data report, highlighting all the necessary information in one place.
  • iTDM has synthetic data produced with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which mimics the same real-world data.

9) TestValet

image of TestValet tool

If you are looking for test data management with negotiable pricing, then TestValet can be a good option. TestValet has a custom pricing scheme which allows you to choose precisely what you need and pay for the same. It has six modules, from test request and scheduling to workflow and asset management.

Features of TestValet

  • TestValet has an easy-to-use UI, which makes it easy to create new tests and schedule them for later.
  • TestValet provides both cloud-based installation and on-premise installation.
  • The TestValet team offers proper training and support for their TDM SaaS.

10) Mostly.AI

image of mostly management tool

Mostly.AI is an AI-powered test data management tool. It is famous for its Artificial Intelligence-based approach to test data management. Mostly.AI provide synthetic data, which feels like actual test data. Moreover, Mostly.AI claims their synthetic data is even more intelligent than the real test data.

Features of Mostly.AI

  • AI has a zero-code approach for data management, making it easier to use for anyone.
  • It has a free-to-use version for indie developers and testers.
  • AI generates a significantly big synthetic data set from a minimal actual data set of your software.

Summing Up

With these test data management tools, you can generate and manage natural test environments. These tools are the best of their worlds. However, before choosing tools from these TDM or test data management tools, you should look for the one which suits your needs.

If you are an enterprise, you can choose any of these tools and subscribe to their premium membership to get the most out of them. But if you want a free or AI-based zero code tool, you should go for Mostly.AI.

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