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17 Top AngularJs Development Tools for Developers – Devstringx

If you’re working with Angularjs, then you know there are a ton of different tools out there to help make your life easier. But which ones are the best? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top Angularjs tools and see what they have to offer.

If you’re looking to get started with Angularjs, or even if you’re already an experienced developer, there are always new tools to learn about.

Whether you’re looking for a way to streamline your development process, or just find new ways to work with Angularjs, these are the tools you need to check out!

Most Popular Angular Js Development Tools

Any AngularJS development company worth its salt will use a variety of tools to help streamline the development process and create high-quality applications. While there are many different tools available, some of the most popular include AngularJS Batarang, AngularUI, and Yeoman. By using these tools, developers can save time and build better AngularJS applications.

1) Karma

Karma is not just your average framework for testing. It allows you to test in an environment that replicates everything from networking, data fetching, and sorting – even follow-up actions like logout or profile editing!

Karma offers a better way to test your products on actual devices and browsers instead of simulations. It does this by providing developers with access to any kinks in their code before they go live, which can save them some time down the line when fixing bugs or glitches after release!

2) Angular JS UI

Using UI components to build an entire application has never been easier. With minimal code, you can have your website up and running in no time! These are just some of the reasons why Angular JS development is so popular – not only does it facilitate rapid design but also delivery because these UI elements make designing easy for any developer who’s new at this game or even someone more experienced like myself (I’ve worked with numerous frameworks).

3) Ment.io

Ment.io is a new and innovative way of developing your website without worrying about the framework you’re using! Using this tool, developers can create components that work with any data source imaginable – including mentions or macros widgets for increased customization options.

Ment.io also offers an “auto-complete” feature that provides developers with the ability to quickly and easily generate components for their websites without having to manually code them from scratch, saving valuable time and resources!

4) Jasmine

Jasmine and Karma are two tools that make it easy to write tests for your Node.js projects, whether you’re using Java or JavaScript scripts in the app codebase!

Jasmine is an open-source Angular Js development tool used solely as a means of Testing & debugging – but its unique selling point (USP) comes from being able to run on any JS-powered stage; making sure there’s no need to worry about what language framework will be powering our application once deployed onto Chrome browsers via Webpack2+merge modules step by step.

5) Protractor

With the end-to-end testing framework, Protractor is one of Angular JS’ best tools for developers to write thorough tests that are executed on demand when needed. It offers an experience like no other because it can sync with your web page as soon after running through its code so you know what’s going wrong right away!

6) Restangular

With Restangular, you can make use of the most common commands like GET and POST with minimal coding required. This makes for an easy process when consuming data from RESTful APIs in your web application; it also enhances performance while simplifying development using Angular JS!

7) Angular-gettext

The perfect tool for newbie developers looking to translate code, Angular-gettext is a small plugin that can deploy by anyone. It will help you easily edit andernandez Translator’s work in real-time as they type it out–which means no more retyping everything yourself! In addition, this plugin is compatible with both JavaScript and TypeScript.

8) Mocha.Js

Mocha.js makes it possible to write asynchronous JavaScript tests that are portable across platforms and browsers with the help of NodeJS or browserify for modularity, respectively.

Mocha provides an easy way in which we can make our code more readable by using expectations instead of curly braces when applicable.

The non-concurrent testing for JS developers makes it adaptable to accuracy levels and ideal as a training tool. It’s most appropriate for beginner-level AngularJS programs or higher, but can also use by more experienced programmers who want an easy way of getting started with their new skills!

9) ng-inspector

ng-inspector is a browser extension that helps developers spot errors in their code and understands how it affects other parts of an application. The inspector pane allows you to locate these problems, along with all the scope data they contain – this means no more hard searches for pieces scattered across different files!

10) Djangular

Djangular provides an easy way to integrate your apps with the latest in technology. This Angular tool helps you create unique content for each application, giving it a spiral effect that will get users excited about using whatever new features or updates have been released!

In addition, they offer selective runs so developers don’t have to generate excessive output while still getting their work done efficiently.

11) Angular-Seed

The Angular Seed is a crucial component of the app development process. It provides developers with an environment for bootstrapping their projects and also helps them use NativeScript to build powerful mobile apps

With its rich ecosystem, including tools like Nativescript- which allows you to create high-quality native iOS or Android applications using JavaScript open-source template framework based on TypeScript programming languages AngularJS has become one if not the most widely used MVC frameworks today.

12) Angular Fire

The powerful and flexible APIs of this framework make it easy to implement the front end, as well. With 3-way data binding capabilities, you can easily create an almost limitless number of layouts for your app without worrying about coding anything yourself!

This tool offers dynamic API features and superior development capacity that easily manages binary data files like images, videos, or blobs. It also has synchronized real-time binding for a seamless experience in your web apps!

13) Generator Angular

Generator Angular provides a fast and easy way to get started with your app development project. You can use this tool as either an editor or boilerplate, depending on what you’re looking for in terms of features!

When you need a quick and easy way to get started with your next project, Generator Angular is the tool for you. With just one click of the button, it will generate all sorts of boilerplate that need in order to make an app like ours come alive!

14) Angular Deckgrid

Angular Deckgrid is a lightweight grid that can use for coding and instruction where the directive being referenced does not require any visual representation. It’s perfect when you need to create codes or instructions without worrying about how it will look on screen!

This tool also helps to keep your code organized and simpler for new or experienced developers alike. You can easily customize the grid to fit whatever type of layout you need, from a large-scale web app to an application with limited resources!

15) Jsfiddle

With JSFiddle, you can view your website’s source code on one screen. It comes with all of the features that need for developing websites such as CSS and HTML editing tools so it takes less time to make changes in these areas! This makes them perfect if what we’re looking at here is creating new or customizing existing templates because they allow us to do the experiment without having another program open up alongside our browser which could be distracting when trying something out particularly quickly before moving on something else.

16) Videogular

The Videogular video player is an HTML5 application that has all of your needs covered for managing AngularJS videos. You can use this sleek tool to integrate seamlessly embedded media, such as captions or logos while also combining different types within one file without worrying about compatibility issues down the line!

17) Aptana Studio

With the help of Aptana Studio, you can build your website or web app quickly. With its powerful Git features, it offers better source code management and provides support for HTML/CSS editions along with PHP & JavaScript languages too!

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many tools out there to help with developing AngularJS applications. Whether you need a way to manage code more efficiently or a powerful framework for building apps quickly, these tools will make your life much easier!

It’s important to find the right tool that suits your needs and goals before starting a project. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose but hopefully, this overview has given you some insight into what’s available. As always, remember to do your research and explore different possibilities before settling on one! Good luck!

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