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Top 10 Software Testing Companies in Noida, India – Devstringx

Top Software Testing Companies in Noida

Welcome to our list of the top 10 software testing companies in Noida! Noida is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and it is home to a thriving tech industry. These companies have earned their place on our list by consistently delivering high-quality software testing services to their clients. Whether you are a small business in need of testing for your latest app, or a large corporation looking to ensure the quality of your software, these companies have the expertise and resources to help. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 software testing companies in Noida.

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1) Devstringx Technologies

Software Testing Image of Devstringx

Devstringx Technologies is an IT company based in Noida, India, with an office in DL, USA. They provide automation testing services, custom software development, and mobile app development.

The company is known for providing a unique experience to its clients. Devstringx Technologies is a reliable independent software testing company in Noida, India. They are a reputed custom software development company in Noida, India, and provide services to a wide range of industries such as banking and finance, health care, transportation and logistics, e-commerce, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, etc.

Devstringx Technologies has two in-house products:

  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • MSN Agile (a product management tool).

They also develop custom software as per their client’s requirements. The company focuses on providing robust and cost-effective solutions for its customers. All the team members at Devstringx Technologies strive to make sure that their clients get the best customer service possible.

In addition, the team at Devstringx Technologies takes extra effort to keep up with the latest industry trends and make sure their solutions are up to date. With more than 5 years of experience in the field, the team at Devstringx Technologies understands the complexities associated with software testing and application development projects and makes sure they deliver the best results within the allotted time frame.

Their commitment to customer service excellence makes them one of the best software testing companies in Noida. Furthermore, they use advanced technologies like AI and ML to help automate the process of software testing and reduce turnaround times drastically. All in all, if you’re looking for quality software testing services in Noida then Devstringx Technologies is one of your best bets.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website
Devstringx Technologies 2014 Noida, Up, India & Lewes, DE, USA 100+ <$25/hr LinkedIn

2) Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy testing services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions. Founded in 1968, TCS has grown to become one of the largest and most successful IT companies in the world. With its presence in over 50 countries, TCS helps clients achieve their business objectives by providing them with insights and expertise that help them navigate the ever-changing IT landscape.

  • TCS provides a wide range of services including
  • digital transformation
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Enterprise application development
  • Enterprise data management and analytics
  • Cloud computing, engineering services, and many more.

Its focus on innovation and technology has made it a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions for businesses around the world. With its global reach and a team of highly experienced professionals, TCS offers end-to-end solutions to enable organizations to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you are looking for cost-effective digital transformation or advanced IT solutions, TCS can provide the right solutions tailored to your unique needs. Explore TCS’ offerings today and see how they can help take your business to the next level.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


Noida, India

Over 446,000

$35-$40 LinkedIn


wipro software testing solutions

Wipro is one of the leading software testing companies in Noida. With over 250,000 experts helping businesses around the globe, Wipro has become a household name in the IT industry. They are committed to reaching net zero by 2040 and are leading the automotive engineering shift to the software-defined vehicle.

For those looking to unlock growth, Wipro offers innovative solutions to enable digital transformation. Wipro helps enterprises across the world modernize their infrastructure and develop cloud-native applications to improve business outcomes. This platform provides flexible and secure services for the development, deployment, and management of applications and data across multiple cloud environments.

With Wipro’s expertise, customers can quickly build secure, reliable, and highly available applications that scale to meet their needs. With Wipro’s cloud-based platform, customers can easily migrate from traditional IT infrastructure to a cloud-based environment without any disruption. Wipro FullStride Cloud Services also ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

  • The platform also ensures compliance with industry regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, to help organizations meet their security obligations.
  • With Wipro’s expertise, businesses can unlock the growth potential of the cloud while improving operational efficiency and performance.
  • Wipro is leading the way to a more automated, efficient, and secure future, helping businesses unlock their true potential.

By leveraging Wipro’s advanced technology, organizations can stay ahead of the competition and maximize their growth potential. Wipro FullStride Cloud Services provide a suite of tools and technologies that help customers build, deploy, and manage cloud-based applications that are both reliable and secure.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website

Wipro Limited


Noida, Bengaluru, etc

Over 190,000

Not publicly disclosed LinkedIn

4) Tech Mahindra

tech mahindra software testing services

Tech Mahindra is a digital changemaker that disrupts old ideas and creates connected experiences. Led by CEO CP Gurnani, the executive leadership team is composed of experienced industry veterans who are dedicated to transforming customer experiences through digital solutions. Their commitment to technology excellence has propelled Tech Mahindra to the forefront of digital innovation.

Take a tour of the media section to explore Tech Mahindra’s impressive library of press reses, news coverage, updates, and upcoming events. Tech Mahindra also spearheads the #RiseForGood initiative – a global program that leverages the power of technology to make the world a better place. From environmental protection to access to healthcare, Tech Mahindra brings together powerful enterprises to create innovative connected experiences.

Not only does Tech Mahindra foster strong partnerships, they also collaborate with analysts, futurists, advisors, and storytellers to curate perspectives, insights, and POVs. Through this multifaceted approach, they provide their customers with holistic solutions that can meet their business needs today and anticipate their needs for tomorrow.

Here are a few key points:

  • The company uses Agile methodology and advanced tools such as TestComplete and Katalon Studio to ensure optimum quality assurance results.
  • Tech Mahindra’s deep understanding of emerging technologies allows them to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing tailored offerings and customizing existing solutions

As one of the leading providers of software testing services in India, Tech Mahindra is equipped to offer services such as performance engineering, automation framework development, and defect triaging services.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website
Tech Mahindra 1986

Noida, India

Over 130,000

$25-$99 LinkedIn

5) HCL Technologies

hcl software testing solutions

HCL Technologies is one of the leading software testing companies in Noida. It is a global IT services provider with a presence in over 45 countries. Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, HCL Technologies has a workforce of over 130,000 employees and provides services to over 990 clients. The company’s hourly rate for software testing and other services depends on the scope of the project.

HCL Technologies has offices and delivery centers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, and many other countries. They are well-known for their expertise in software development, data analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. HCL Technologies is a leader in innovation and delivers high-quality solutions to its customers.

If you are looking for software testing services in Noida, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with HCL Technologies directly to discuss your specific requirements and obtain a quote for their services.

Apart from providing top-notch software testing services, HCL also offers an array of other information technology-related services such as mobile application development, website design & development, IT infrastructure management, enterprise content management, business intelligence & analytics, and much more.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website

HCL Technologies


Noida, India

Over 200,000

$14 – $70 LinkedIn


Improve product quality

6) Appinventiv

Appinventiv Software testing services


Appinventiv is a team of passionate people driven by one relentless pursuit- to craft innovative solutions. It has been recognized as a market leader globally and has achieved Level 3 of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). Tanner Adams, Founder of CelebVue commented, “I’m convinced that Appinventiv deserves all the accolades it has received so far. Confident that this team will scale great heights very soon.”

Appinventiv is ranked among the top global leaders in mobile app development, the top global leader in custom software development, and the #1 app development company for startups, and Fintech by Clutch for 2019.

The company is also the top blockchain app development company and has developed the healthcare product – Shifa, and the App of the Year – Melltoo. Appinventiv has been rated 4.8/5.0 by 300+ clients for iOS and Android development services on various platforms.

  • They make sure that every project meets its deadlines and budgets, no matter how complex or demanding the requirement may be.
  • Furthermore, their team follows Agile methodologies to deliver projects faster than expected.
  • Another great thing about Appinventiv is their after-sales support where their team ensures that any issue or problem reported post the completion of the project gets resolved within 24 hours.

Appinventiv is a global company with offices in the US, the UK, and Canada. They have been featured in various publications such as Forbes, The Next Web, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Android Authority, and more. The team of 500+ app and software professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services and solutions. Appinventiv focuses on client success by providing quality and timely delivery.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website



Noida, USA, UAE


$25 LinkedIn

7) Resourcifi Inc.

Resourcifi Inc. Software testing

Resourcifi Inc. is a passionate team of skilled professionals who reveal the dark spots, identify opportunities and get clients their own custom-built products. Since 2009, Resourcifi has been serving clients with offshore experts who have the same business hours as the client, providing flexible engagement models, excellent communication skills, and a minimum of 2-5 years of experience.

The process of how Resourcifi works includes signing a PSA, understanding business requirements, and setting up clear objectives. Resourcifi has put its team through rigorous training programs and acquired certifications to ensure the best results for the client.

  • Resourcifi works with an industry-standard software development methodology to make sure that the products they deliver meet the highest standards.
  • By outsourcing IT services, companies can reduce costs and minimize risks which is why Resourcifi is considered one of the best companies for outsourcing software development in India.
  • Resourcifi’s passionate team of professionals offers excellent communication skills and flexible engagement models, making them one of the best companies for outsourcing software development in India.

Additionally, Resourcifi ensures that the quality of its software tests meets the highest possible standards by utilizing a vast number of tools such as Static Analysis Tools, Performance Testing Tools, Automated Testing Tools, Network Monitoring Tools, and Data Quality Assurance Tools. . Companies looking for high-quality software tests can count on Resourcifi’s experienced personnel and effective project management systems. With its commitment to meeting customer requirements, Resourcifi proves itself time and time again as one of the leading software testing companies in Noida.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website

Resourcifi Inc.


India, USA


$25 LinkedIn

8) Damco Group

Damco group Software testing services

Damco Group is a software development company with over 20 years of experience and a global presence. Based in Noida, India, Damco Group has a team of over 1,000 highly skilled professionals. Their services include website design and development, custom application design and development, mobile application design and development, web hosting and maintenance services, consulting, and system integration.

They also provide end-to-end business solutions such as eCommerce websites, web portals, ERP systems, CRM systems, big data analytics, and cloud computing solutions.

Damco Group has expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, making them well-equipped to develop cutting-edge applications.

They have worked with some of the biggest names in the tech industry, including Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. By leveraging their vast experience and skill set, Damco Group can help businesses grow and stay ahead of the competition.

  • The specialists at Damco Group use both automated and manual approaches when developing high-quality products for their customers.
  • In addition, they offer 24/7 customer support and are always willing to assist clients during every step of their project.
  • Their portfolio consists of hundreds of successful projects across various industries.

With their comprehensive list of services, Damco Group is one of the best software testing companies in Noida. This company understands that quality assurance and rigorous testing are key components in software engineering, which is why they pay particular attention to these stages while working on any project.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website

Damco Solutions


Noida, USA, Hyderabad, London, UK, Luxembourg, and more


$25-$50 LinkedIn

9) Binmile Technologies

Binmile software testing services pageBinmile Technologies is an Indian software development company in Noida that was founded in 2017 with the mission of helping businesses succeed through the development of innovative and reliable technology solutions.

Binmile Technologies offers a wide range of services including 24/7 technical support, cost-effective rates, tailored IT consulting services, regular updates to software solutions, and free tools. The company has a strong track record of satisfied customers from around the globe and is committed to staying at the forefront of technology. They ensure that their software solutions are always up-to-date with the latest features and technologies.

In addition to providing comprehensive software development services, Binmile Technologies also offers IT consulting services to help businesses make the most of their IT investments. Their expert team of developers and engineers provides valuable insights and advice on the best software solutions for their client’s specific needs.

Overall, Binmile Technologies is one of the top software testing companies in Noida, and their commitment to providing quality services and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies ensures that their clients have access to the best possible solutions.

As such, if you’re looking for an experienced software testing provider in Noida, look no further than Binmile Technologies. Additionally, the company prides itself on its excellent customer service and strives to provide its clients with an outstanding experience every time. On top of this, they offer competitive pricing packages so that businesses can get high-quality solutions without having to spend too much money. With all these factors considered, it’s no wonder why Binmile Technologies is one of the leading software testing companies in Noida.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website

Binmile Technologies 


Noida, Mumbai USA and UK and 


$51 to  $100 LinkedIn

10) Icreonicreon software testing solution

ICERON is an award-winning, Sitecore Platinum Partner and Development Agency that provides a range of services to its clients. These include Sitecore Consulting & Implementation Services, which help to modernize and accelerate customer engagement for Life Sciences companies. ‘

Icreon’s relationship with David Zwirner began as a digital health check and has since grown into a full-fledged experience transformation. ICERON is also serving a wide range of industry verticals, from retail to banking, and is known for helping clients achieve the highest standards of digital excellence.

The company also offers quality assurance and software testing services such as regression, compatibility, security, usability, performance, localization, and automated, and manual testing. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, it can be trusted to deliver projects on time and on budget.

  • Their agile methodology enables them to develop products quickly while maintaining high levels of quality and scalability.
  • It has ISO-certified processes and procedures in place to ensure compliance with client expectations throughout the lifecycle of any project.
  • They also have dedicated tools and techniques to make sure there are no bugs or glitches when launching applications or software products.
  • They offer comprehensive test suites and strategies designed to uncover problems before they reach production.

Furthermore, their experts are highly trained and experienced professionals who will provide solutions tailored to individual client needs. This makes them one of the best choices when looking for reliable Software Testing Companies in Noida.

Additional Information

Company Name Established Location Employees Hourly Rate LinkedIn Website

Icreon Tech


Noida, India


$14 – $70 LinkedIn


Software testing is an essential part of any application development process, and it’s important to make sure that the right software testing company is chosen for the job. Noida offers a wide range of software testing companies to choose from, making it an ideal place for businesses to get their applications tested. The top 10 software testing companies in Noida are Devstringx Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Resourcifi Inc., Damco Group, Binmile Technologies, Appinventiv, Tata Consultancy Services, WIPRO, HCL, and ICERON.

Each of these companies provides services such as performance testing, security testing, usability testing, and more. With their specialized services, these companies can help ensure that any application is developed with top-notch quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or want to know more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on certain needs and tastes, there is no one ideal testing business in Noida to employ a test engineer from. However, TCS, HCL Technologies, Devstringx Technologies, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra are a few well-known firms in Noida for software testing.

Software testing is essential because it aids in locating flaws, weaknesses, and faults in software systems, ensuring their performance, dependability, and quality. It lessens hazards, enhances user satisfaction, and promotes faith in the product’s usability and security.

Consider criteria such as their experience, knowledge, reputation in the market, client testimonials, team capabilities, communication, and pricing models when choosing a software testing business in Noida. To determine whether they can meet your testing needs, do extensive research, check their portfolio, and have conversations with them.

Numerous benefits can be obtained by outsourcing software testing to Noida. Noida has a strong IT infrastructure, a sizable pool of qualified testing specialists, is cost-effective, adheres to international quality standards, has good project management, and is in an ideal time zone for international collaborations.

Functional testing, resting of performance, security testing, mobile app testing, automation testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and regression testing, are provided by Noida-based software testing businesses. They offer solutions that benefit a wide range of industries, such as financial services, medical care, & digital commerce.

Start your search for reliable software testing services in Noida by browsing online directories, review sites, and trade forums. Assess businesses based on their knowledge, client references, case studies, certifications, and technological prowess. You may also think about asking for referrals from coworkers or subject-matter specialists to make sure you locate dependable and capable testing services.

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