Overview On Launch Darkly – Feature flags, Pro & Cons, Features, Use – DS

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Overview On Launch Darkly – Feature flags, Pro & Cons, Features, Use – DS

What Is Launch Darkly?

  • It is a SaaS platform for developers to manage feature flags/toggles.
  • It enables developers to test their own code in production.
  • By using launch darkly, developers can release features to specific groups of users
  • Feature Flags/Toggles can manage from the Launch Darkly dashboard easily.

First, we will talk about the features flag.

Features Flags

  • Feature Flags are also known as toggles or switches
  • It is a powerful tool for developers to turn code off and on in their production environment.
  • Once the new code is hidden behind a feature flag, a developer can turn the specific code on for a specific set of users without impacting all users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Launch Darkly

  • Advantages
  • Ability to schedule flags for progressive delivery.
  • Integrated with Jira and Slack for notifications.
  • Data export is available for an additional fee.
  • Disadvantages
  • It is available only on the SaaS platform.
  • No shared context with CI/CD
  • Very little integration with other tools.

LaunchDarkly Features

  • Progressive Delivery: Risk-Free
  • Progressive delivery is a practice that allows organizations/developers to control how and when new software features or changes are delivered.
  • Progressive delivery combines software development and delivery practices allowing organizations to deliver with control.
  • Beta Testing and Qualitative Feedback
  • Feature flags are a great way to perform beta testing.
  • It gives the facility you can perform testing of specific features with a specific set of groups and can get feedback from them.
  • Kill Switches
  • A kill switch is a mechanism to instantly stop a feature from production.
  • If suddenly get a bunch of bug reports about a feature from the customers. Instead of having to roll back, we can simply switch the one buggy feature off.

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Implementation of Launch Darkly

You can follow below mentioned instructions to start using the Launch Darkly SDK in your Java application.

  • 1st Step

Add launch darkly dependency on your dependency manager.






  • 2nd Step

Now import the LaunchDarkly client in the java file.


import com.launchdarkly.sdk.*;

import com.launchdarkly.sdk.server.*;
  • 3rd Step

Once SDK will import and install. We will create an object of LDClient and will specify the SDK key to authorize an application to connect to a particular environment within Launch Darkly.

LDClient cl = new LDClient("SDK-key");
  • 4th Step 4
LDContext cn= LDContext.builder("context-key")



boolean flagValue = client.boolVariation("flag-key", context, false);

if (flagValue) {

  //code needs to be displayed


else {

//code needs to be run if flag is off


Features Flags

1) What is the free version of LaunchDarkly?

Ans- LaunchDarkly offers a 14-day free trial for new users. Pricing starts at $10 user/month.

2) How do I create a project in LaunchDarkly?

Answer- Follow below steps To create a new project in launchdarkly

  • Navigate to the Account settings page.
  • Click On Projects tab.
  • Click Create project. The “Create a project” panel appears.
  • Give your project Name.
  • (Optional) Give your project a unique Key. This field populates automatically based on your name, but you can change it now if you wish.

3) What are some alternatives of LaunchDarkly?

Answer- Below are the lists of alternatives of launchdarkly.

  • Split
  • G2 Track
  • CloudBees
  • Optimizely Web Experimentation

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