How ERP Software Enhance your Business Productivity & Profits?

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ERP Software Development

How ERP Software Enhance your Business Productivity & Profits?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Every organization is divided into several departments based on functions. Administration, finance, marketing, sales, customer service, public relations, inventory, logistics, production, and HR, ERP software is not a simple but massive software architecture that integrates all the departments of the organization and helps them communicate with each other.

ERP software improves visibility for companies by organizing and centralizing the data that is essential to the business into one area and all company information is available for employees and management to access when needed. If your data is decentralized, the decision-makers will have no idea of the whole picture at any point in time. It is a time-consuming process to fetch data by email, letters, or phone, in a competitive industry; it can impact the firm’s growth prospects as they can’t respond fast to changing market conditions and consumer demand.

Let’s See What Happens in a Decentralized Data System

If the sales department gets a large customer order, they check with the inventory department for the availability of the product. If it is not available, they approach the production department to produce more. The production team consults with inventory to know the stock of semi-finished goods and stores for raw materials. They may need to order a fresh batch of raw materials. If inventory did not consult with the Finance Department before placing the order, payments to vendors may be delayed. During this time, the consumer may have left and gone to the competitor. Organizations get a huge loss of business, market share, and brand value by this mistake.

ERP Software 2

ERP System is not only a software solution that makes the organization adapt. Its business processes to conform to its system. It is also customized according to the requirements of the company. ERP System is not only useful for large organizations, but it is also useful for small and medium businesses too.

Our Customized ERP Software Development Process

We know every industry has some different way to manage its data, but it is not possible to develop one software that fulfills all industry requirements, therefore Devstringx Technologies provides customized ERP software solutions. Our customized ERP software development process is divided into 6 phases: Discovery and Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Ongoing Support.

ERP Software 41. Discovery and Planning
This is the first phase of the customized ERP software development process, in this phase, the project team creates, and the initial meetings and documentation develop as the teamwork to identify current issues and potential solutions. In this phase, we construct the project plan, which will serve as a guide throughout the rest of the project.

2. Design
In this phase we transform user requirements into some suitable forms, the project team and implementation team worked out the various configurations for the new system, defining roles, and documenting standard procedures.

3. Development
In this phase, we prepare the entire system for going live. In this phase we do activities such as completing any necessary customization, developing user training, and importing data. With ERP implementations, like any custom software development project, we first, solve the problem. Then, write the code.

4. Testing
By the end of this phase, project team members feel comfortable doing their jobs in the new system. This is the final step before diving into the live system.

5. Development
The project team and implementation team assess the situation and make the final decision to go or not go to live with the project. Before going live, the final data load and validate, after that, the project team trains other employees who will then start working in the new system and completely stop using the old one.

6. Ongoing Support
Once the ERP system has gone live and users start work within the system, we provide expert support service when you need it. Devstringx Technologies offers Helpdesk Support via telephone, email, and chats. Our skilled support team helps to resolve any technical problem by providing you with a clear and simple solution.

Timeframe and Costing for Custom ERP Software Development

The Timeframe and Costing of Custom ERP Software Development are based on the number of modules and the expected functionality.  The complex functionality consumes more finances and time, as compared to a simple system because sophisticated ERP software, which takes time to write codes for application, data integration, and migration. It is almost impossible to guess how much time and cost will need without performing the analysis of requirements.

“If you have custom ERP software and need to upgrade or want us to develop something new for you” Contact us for a free consultation!

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