Create the best route for your users to navigate from A to B. Guide your users with real time traffic to choose the best route


Provide dependable directions

Routes API provides precise information irrespective of the mode of transport chosen whether its walking, cycling, public transport etc. Routes has comprehensive directions covering 40 million miles of roads in over 200 countries and territories


Cut your costs by using the most efficient routes

Calculate your routes and choose the most efficient route based on travel distance and with the help of real time data. Plan your delivery routes with up to 25 waypoints. Create routes to make life easier for your customers and help them reach your location easily


Keep your team mobile even at rush hours

Choose faster routes based on real-time traffic conditions. Change your delivery schedules to traffic conditions. Use predictive traffic models to plan ahead and to identify areas to avoid due to traffic congestion


Rely on Google scale as you grow

Everyone who uses the Maps API uses the same infrastructure of Google which makes it more reliable




Calculate current or future travel times based on real-time traffic for the different route options based on your mode of transport

Distance Matrix


Distance Matrix API provide travel times and distances for one or more locations. It enables you to quickly identify the nearby addresses to include in a localised search



Create precise routes by identifying the path for a vehicle and the nearest roads along the journey

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