Create Script Test In TestComplete Using Python For Web Application

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Create Script Test In TestComplete Using Python For Web Application

Two Ways to Create a Script

In TestComplete there are two ways to create a script & these are following

  1. Record a script test
  2. Write a script test manually in the Code Editor in TestComplete

Let’s Begin, First, we need to create a new project by following the below steps:-

  1. Click the File -> New->New Project option from the menu bar.
  2. New Project Window will appear, giving a name to the project, setting the project location, and selecting the scripting language “Python”.
  3. Click on Finish.

When you create a new project, TestComplete automatically creates the Script project item with one unit in it. You can rename it accordingly and add more.
You can see it under <YourProject>->Script named Unit1.

Steps to Record a Test Script

Follow the below steps to record a test script:

  1. Select Test > Record > Record Script from the TestComplete main menu.
  2. After step 1, TestComplete minimizes, so you can perform actions that you need to record.

Here we need a script test to cover the flow to opening Gmail, logging in, and logging out, so open the browser, open the Gmail app, and login into your account, and do logout.

  1. After performing all actions that you need to record, Stop the recording by Click Stop on the Recording toolbar.TestComplete will be maximized where you can see the recorded script in Unit 1.

Your first script record was successful, now you can modify it accordingly.

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Let’s take a look at the modified recorded script code:

def Test1():

 #Open Gmail on the browser chrome


  browser = Sys.Browser()

  page = browser.Page("*")

  #Gmail Login

  emailInput = page.FindElement(Project.Variables.email_xpath)

  emailInput.SetText(“[email protected]”)

  nextBtn = page.QuerySelector(Project.Variables.nextemail_css)


  Delay(1000,"wait for password input field visible")

  passwordInput = page.FindElement(Project.Variables.password_xpath) 


  nextBtn = page.QuerySelector(Project.Variables.nextpass_css)


  Delay(1000,"wait for user login")

  page = browser.Page("")
  #Gmail Logout
  signoutoption = page.FindElement(Project.Variables.signoutoption_xpath)


  signout = page.FindElement(Project.Variables.signout_xpath)


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Note: In the above code

  1. Project. Variables are used to fetch defined project variables.
  2. FindElement is used for the Xpath type of locator
  3. QuerySelector is used for CSS type of locator
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