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Read PDF File Using Python in Robot Framework – Devstringx

Task:- Read Data from the pdf file and compare the text “Testing” is present in the pdf file.

Create a function to read data from PDF File using Python

First Install PdfMiner and Pdf2TextLibrary library in your system as per the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Write the “pip install pdfminer” command to install pdfminer library.
  3. Write the “pip install robot framework-pdf2textlibrary” command to install pdf2textlibrary.

Now create a python file. You can give any name to your file and save it with .py extension.

I have created a file python file as

from pdfminer.pdfinterpimport PDFResourceManager, PDFPageInterpreter
from pdfminer.converterimport TextConverter
from pdfminer.layoutimport LAParams
from pdfminer.pdfpageimport PDFPage
from io import StringIO

class Pdf2TextLibrary(object):

def __init__(self):
print(‘pdf to text library’)

def convert_pdf_to_txt(self,path):
rsrcmgr = PDFResourceManager()
retstr = StringIO()
codec = ‘utf-8’
laparams = LAParams()
device = TextConverter(rsrcmgr, retstr, codec=codec, laparams=laparams)
fp = open(path, ‘rb’)
interpreter = PDFPageInterpreter(rsrcmgr, device)
password = “”
maxpages = 0
caching = True
for page in PDFPage.get_pages(fp, pagenos, maxpages=maxpages, password=password,caching=caching, check_extractable=True):
str = retstr.getvalue()
return str

Here I have created a function as convert_pdf_to_txt to convert PDF data to text.

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Calling python function in robot framework to read pdf data.

# Importthe File in which you have created a function to read data from a PDF file.
*** Settings ***
Library        ../Scripts/

*** Test Cases ***
Read PDF File Data
# open downloaded PDF and read data from PDF${file_name}  List Files in directory   ${EXECDIR}/Files/Downloads
${string}=    convert_pdf_to_txt${DWNLDFOLDER}${file_name}
Should Contain    ${string}    Testing  #check entered text is present in PDF

Let’s save this file with “TestPDF.robot”

Run the above file by using the following command:
>robot TestPDF.robot

Output: Your program will run successfully if the text is present in the downloaded pdf.

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