Test Automation Benefits

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Test Automation Benefits

Test Automation Benefits

In today’s time test automation is a necessity, automating the testing process is essential. Test automation if done correctly will provide many benefits and can provide huge RoI (Return on Investment). Automation testing not only be helpful in regression testing but also it will reduce your pain in day to day feature testing.

Key Benefits –

  1. Quick Feedback –
    • Automated testing will help in reducing the turnaround time from testing team to development team. If automated testing job is setup in CI pipeline then it will help the developer to get the feedback on build health at the time of build development itself.
  2. High RoI –
    • Many organization holds back on automated testing as initial investment is on higher side but it is a proven fact that in a long-term return on investment will be very high as test cycle time will considerably reduced and quality will be significantly improve.
  3. Increased Test Coverage –
    • It helps in improving the test coverage considerably, you can run more automated tests in any given test cycle duration as compared to manual testing. One can run the tests simultaneously on different browsers, OS, devices which will help in achieving higher test coverage.
  4. Early Defect Detection –
    • Automation testing helps in identification of defects in initial stages of software development which keeps the cost of fixing defect low as compared to fixing the defect which is identified in later stages of software development.
  5. Re-usability –
    • Test scripts are mostly reusable, same can be executed on different versions of the application, on different browsers etc.
  6. Unattended Execution –
    • Human is not required to watch the tests running once started automated test can execute on its own. Many organization uses nightly build jobs to execute the regression tests.
  7. Reliability –
    • Automation tests performs same operations precisely every time when executed thereby eliminates human errors which can occur if tests executed manually.

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