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New In React 18: A Guide to Its New Features and Updates – Devstringx

React 18 has been released in March 2022, and it’s packed with new features, updated APIs, and new deprecations that will change the way you use React. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what you can expect with React 18 new features & updates and how to use them effectively in your projects today!

Overview of React 18

React 18 is the latest release of Facebook’s popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It includes several new features, updates, improvements, and deprecations that are worth getting familiar with. This post will focus on the most important changes in React 18. First, it should be noted that React 18 has been released as a long-term support (LTS) release. What this means is that it will be maintained by Facebook until a particular period of time; it will receive bug fixes and security patches during this time frame and some major releases or API changes.

In other words, this means you can invest in learning how to use React 18 now without worrying about migrating away from it anytime soon.

What is new in React 18?

Some features in React 18 use the new concurrent renderer. Concurrent React is opt-in; only enable it when you are using concurrent features, but we believe it will change the way people build apps. The team has been working on improving the performance of components for a long time now, so you will notice significant improvements if you’ve been building high-fidelity user interfaces in React.

A few things have changed under the hood with unmounting components to help with the clean-up process, updating context information while rendering (read more here), and finally improving how Pure Component works.

DOM mutations will not be performed until after the analysis of the entire tree has been performed in React, making sure that the UI will appear consistent even if the render is interrupted. Due to this feature, react can prepare new screens in the background without blocking the main thread. This means the UI will respond immediately to user input even during a large rendering task.

How will these changes affect my code?

As the newest release of the popular JavaScript library, React 18 has a lot of new features that could potentially change the way you code. Some are big changes. while these changes will have an impact on your code, it doesn’t mean you can’t update your skills over time to be ready for them! After all, coding is a constantly evolving field with new tools being released all the time. The important thing is to always stay up-to-date with what is going on.

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How do I update my code to take advantage of these changes?

There are a few ways you can update your code to take advantage of these new features. The first, simplest way is by using the react-codemod tool. This tool will automatically update your code for you, so all you need to do is run it with npm run codemod. You can also use Facebook’s official codemod script. The third option is by hand-editing each file yourself. When updating from v16 to v18, the only changes you’ll want to make are updating imports of prop types from ‘prop-types’ to ‘proptypes’.

In addition, if you were making calls to deprecated functions like setClassName() or getDefaultProps(), then those should replace with their newer counterparts classNames() and defaultProps(). That’s it!

Resources to learn about React 18

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide, check out the official documentation. There are also many great online tutorials, such as this one from Wes Bos. React’s own website has lots of resources about how to start with it and what the library is capable of. They have an interactive learning environment called CodeSandbox that lets you create a project from scratch without needing any setup or configuration. You can even just copy-paste code examples into it! You’ll find code snippets on their site with comments explaining how they work and what they do.

For example, if you look at the first comment for Hello World there’s a short explanation of what goes on under the hood when we type that command in our console. That might not seem like much but understanding how React works at its core will help you grasp its other features more quicker.

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React’s latest updates bring many new features, but the most noteworthy ones are its improvements on SSR, error handling, and debugging, as well as the reintroduction of Hooks. These updates will help developers work more efficiently with React, which is why it’s necessary for them to understand how these features will affect their day-to-day work. It’ll also be important for them to know about some newly deprecated APIs so that they can update accordingly.

I hope in this blog you got enough information on the React 18 features & updates. If you are looking for an experienced & certified react developer to design & develop a highly attractive website/application so please drop us your query & get a free consultation call with our experts.

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