How to Create a local WordPress Website in Windows with XAMPP?

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How to Create a local WordPress Website in Windows with XAMPP

How to Create a local WordPress Website in Windows with XAMPP?

Installation of  XAMPP and WordPress

About WordPress:

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which is usually used with MySQL or MariaDB servers but can also use the SQLite Database engine.  WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg, and Mike Little. It is also open-source software. You can use it to create a beautiful Website and Blog.

Why we need to create a local WordPress site:

This is the common practice that allows you to test WordPress without creating the actual website on the internet. We can try different WordPress themes and plugins to test their features. And can learn the WordPress basics.

Local websites will only be visible to you on your computer. If we want to build a live WordPress site, then you will need a domain name and WordPress hosting.

Installing XAMPP on Your win PC

1- First, we need to visit the XAMPP website and click on the download button.

2- After downloading XAMPP, exe file then just set up in the C drive.

3- Click on the Next button to finish the Setup Wizard.

4- Once finishing the wizard, check the ‘start the control panel now’ option and then click on the finish button.

This will launch the XAMPP control panel. Go ahead and click on the start button next to Apache and MySQL.

XAMPP will now start Apache and MySQL. Once we start this one then we will get a window firewall pop up which we need to make “Allow Access”.

after installing XAMPP

NOTE: Here we have one thing we need to know our Skype and XAMPP will be on the same port so we will get a pop up after installing XAMPP so we need to make it Allow that as well.

Download WordPress

Download WordPress from the website and click on the ‘Download WordPress’ button.

2- Once we download the WordPress then we get the zip file, we need to unzip that file. Then copy that folder and paste it in the ht-doc for the XAMPP folder.

XAMPP Folder

We can rename that folder with any name like ( wp). So we can easily visit the site.

3- Now just redirect to any browser and hit the URL ( localhost/wp ).

How We Can Create the Database for Our Site?

a)    Just go to the new tab of the browser and visit localhost/phpmyadmin/.

b)    You would need to click on Databases, provide a name for your new database, and then click on the create button to continue.

create button to continue

c)    Now that you have created a database, you can use it for your WordPress site.

d)    Now navigate back to our site and click on the Let’s go button.

e)    Now, you will be asked to provide your WordPress database information.

Enter the database name we created earlier. Your username is ‘root’ and we should leave the password field blank. For the database host field, we need to use localhost.


4- WordPress needs a database name, database username, password, and host information. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to continue.

Now we can log in to our site using credentials and enjoy your site.

log in to our site

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