Android Google Maps API Integration

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Android Google Maps API Integration

Android Google Maps API Integration

Android Google Maps API IntegrationAndroid provides a facility to integrate Google maps in your application to display your current location, navigate location direction, search location etc. You can also customize Google maps according to your requirements.

  1. Click on for creating a project.


creating a project


2. Enter Project name then click on CREATE Button.

Create Button

3. Select the project which one you created here.

Select the project


4. Click on Hamburger icon and go to Dashboard.

Click on Hamburger




5. Click to enable map library.

enable map library

Map Library Enabled:

Map library enabled


6. Map library is Enabled, Now create credential for android App.

Map library is Enabled


7. Create API key for GOOGLE MAP.



8. Now API Key  is generated. Copy the API KEY.



9. Now create an ANDROID MAP PROJECT.


       (a) Open Android studio-> click on File Menu -> Go to New -> New Project.

        (b) Then select GOOGLE MAP ACTIVITY -> then Click on Next.



10. Enter Project Name and Click on FINISH.

Enter Project Name


11. Now Copied API KEY, Enter in Android Project.

Copied API KEY


12. Now Run Android Project on Device.

Run Android Project


13. Google Map open in Android Device.

Google Map open in Android Device


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