About Robot Framework and Some Features

About Robot Framework

About Robot Framework and Some Features

Install Robot Framework

Robot Framework is a generic open-source automation framework. It can be used for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA).

Some Features
1. Easy for beginners
2. Simple Tabular Syntax
3. Data-driven Test Cases
4. Generic test libraries

Robot Framework Installation For Windows OS

With the following steps, you can install Robot Framework in Pycharm

Step 1: Check if python already installed on your system

Open command prompt

Type “python –version”

You should get a version number, else you should install python

Visit the following link to download the latest version of python:

Step2: Download & Install Python

Step3: Download & Install Pycharm

To download the pycharm visit the following link and download the community version:


About Robot Framework

Step4: Set Python in the Environment Variables0

To set the path follow the following steps:
i) Right Click on This PC
ii) Click on Properties
iii) Select Advance system settings
iv) Select Advanced tab
v) Click in Environment Variables button
vi) Click on the New button under User Variable and System Variable

* Type Path in Variable name and paste python path till scripts folder in Variable Value
(– C:\python39\Scripts) (This path will depend on the location where you have installed the python.)
Note: If you have not set the path at the time of download so python will get store inside AppData
folder present in your system as shown in the below example:
Example:  C:\Users\ddev0\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39

vii) Click on the Ok button

Step5: Install Robot Framework, Selenium and Selenium2Library

– pip install robot framework-selenium2library

Step6: Open Pycharm

Step7: Install the Plugins

– File -> Settings -> PlugIns

– Browse Repositories -> Search Intellibot, Robot Framework Support

– Install the Plugins “Intellibot, Robot Framework Support” & restart Pycharm

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Create and Run Test

As our setup is done so let’s see the protractor in action by creating a simple test to automate google search.

Note: Create a new project and suite.

Create a new file inside a suite you have created namely “Gmail.robot”.

*** Settings ***
Library  Selenium2Library
Library  OperatingSystem

*** Variables ***
${driver}   webdriver.gecko.driver
${path}    C:\\Users\\ddev0\\Downloads\\driver\\chromedriver


${browser}  chrome

*** Test Cases ***
    Set Environment Variable    ${driver}  ${path}
    Open Browser   ${url}  ${browser}
    Input Text      ID=identifierId     xyz@gmail.com       #useremailaddress
    Click Button   xpath=(//button[@type=”button”])[3]
Input Text     ID=password     abc123   #userpassword

    Click Button   css=button.VfPpkd-LgbsSe.VfPpkd-LgbsSe-OWXEXe-k8QpJ


NOTE: Make sure you have installed the mentioned library at the time of robot framework Installation.

Run your code by writing the following command:
> robot SuiteName/Gmail.robot

Note: SuiteName is the name where you have kept your Gmail. robot file

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