20+ Points To be Consider Before Planning Website or Blog

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20+ Points To be Consider Before Planning Website or Blog

Planning Website or Blog

Many websites/blogs are much more popular than others apart from content there are several other factors which contributes to their popularity, after careful analysis of some of the website/blog I am listing below some key points that one should consider –

  1. Domain :
    • Choose a domain that people can remember well,
    • Main targeted topic should cover in domain name example: if you work for “women’s health” then your domain could be like “women health online dot com”
    • Domain should contain max 8 -10 character
  2. Hosting :
    • Choose a reliable and look at how much capacity you need for your web pages including mails.
  3. Technology:
    • Which Technology you use for creating website like PHP, HTML5 Css3, JavaScript, .Net, Java etc.
  4. Purpose:
    • What is purpose of website/blog, business, corporate, e-commerce.
  5. Layout & Color :
    • Colors affect the feel of your website, Neat & Clean layout always preferred.
  6. SiteMap:
    • Clear SiteMap & Flowchart
  7. Content:
    • Your website has to provide a good, unique & informative content to the user. Target certain keyword to rank high in top search engines. The type of content like language, pictures, video etc have influence how fast and slow your website will load?
  8. Audience:
    • You have to know your audience and then you can build content in a manner which attract your user/visitor.
  9. Advertisement:
    • Don’t place too much advertisement in your website, specially upper 1/3 part of website.
  10. Popup Message:
    • Prevent popup message, it is most annoying type of advertisement because it make slow your page loading even sometimes you unable to close it.
  11. Attractive Design:
    • Good website should be simple and attractive yet professional
  12. Buttons:
    • Make an eye catching button and “Call to action” like buy-now or download-now. Try to use light colors like orange or yellow etc.
  13. Background:
    • You can choose from a clean look & colorful look
  14. Image:
    • Choose image carefully as it will create a lasting impression for everyone. So you want it to be good and memorable.
  15. Easy Navigation:
    • Navigation of the website should be easy to use, it will affect your visitor bounce rate
  16. Unique:
    • They are so many good websites out there, but you have to make your website stand out from others to attract your focused visitor again.
  17. Freshness:
    • Keep your website up-to-date to keep visitors interested to come back with your website.
  18. Optimized:
    • A good website has to be a search engine friendly, it means “easy to find your website in search engine”
  19. Cross Browser Compatibility:
    • Website should open the same on different browser like IE, chrome, firefox, safari etc
  20. Responsive Design :
    • Generally standard 980px width & responsive website up-to 1230px width.
  21. Social Media:Integrate Social Media to your website to facilitate easily content sharing to increase visitors from social presence.
  22. Registration: If visitors have to register to interact with your website gives them an advantage when they do.
  23. Tracking & Analysis
  24. Provide Security
  25. Footer: Well design footer may impress to visitor.

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