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Codeigniter 4 With JWT

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Installation:- Step1: Install the composer Step2: Install the Codeigniter 4 There are two ways to install the Codeigniter 4 Way 1: create-project codeigniter4/app starter codeigniter4POC Way 2: Visit the below link and download the Codeigniter 4 structure https://codeigniter.com/download Step3: run composer update from the project root terminal Step4: create [...]

How to install Codeigniter 4

How to Install CodeIgniter4

Codeigniter 4 is the lightweight framework of PHP with small footprints. There is not too much configuration required to run. It is not required to use the command line in Codeigniter. Requirements:Php 7.2 (min) Extensions (*intl* extension,*mbstring* extension) Database – MySQL Localhost server [...]