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Codeigniter 4 With JWT

Learn About API testing with REST Assured | Devstringx

Installation of Codeigniter 4Step1: Install the composer Step2: Install the Codeigniter 4There are two ways to install the Codeigniter 4 Way 1 – create-project codeigniter4/app starter codeigniter4POC Way 2 – Visit the below link and download the Codeigniter 4 structure https://codeigniter.com/downloadStep3: run [...]

How to install Codeigniter 4

How to Install CodeIgniter4 ?

Codeigniter 4 is the lightweight framework of PHP with small footprints. There is not too much configuration required to run. It is not required to use the command line in Codeigniter. RequirementsPhp 7.2 (min) Extensions (*intl* extension,*mbstring* extension) Database – MySQL Localhost server [...]